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Video – on being a futurist

Here is a 5 min. YouTube video from my TV interview on what it means to be a futurist. Since my unexpected transcension,* merging with the cosmic consciousness in Oct. 1975, I have had the gifts of being clairvoyant, an empath, a telepath, and experienced master intuitive, with direct insights and universal knowledge from my Higher Self/Oversoul.

This video speaks of our evolving human species, and a new humanity. The younger generations, in particular, are this new humanity. They are our future. They are the ones with the vision and the new insights.

We all need to remember – We are all in this world, and it takes all of us to make it work . . . for everyone.

See all 8 videos at top menu.

* The word transcension was coined by Messenger in 1980 during her initial writings from the Higher Self/Oversoul. It is the subtitle to her keystone book Humanity 2.0: The Transcension.

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