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Your private appointment may include your higher purpose, aptitudes, talents; why you are here, life lessons, your spiritual life, finding peace and balance, people, animals. 

1 to 3 topics or primary questions

in a 60-minute appointment may include:

  • How expand your higher consciousness, to be "plugged in"

  • How amplify your heart chakra, to better manage emotions (yours, others)

  • How relate to people in your life who are toxic

  • What about spending time alone?

  • How transcend in your consciousness

  • How manage daily stress (such as world issues)

  • Life decisions, changes, next steps 

  • Whether to do something or not, be somewhere or not

  • Children (aptitudes, potentials)

  • Pets (how they feel, what they want)

  • Service path (career, education)

  • Bullies, liars, manipulators

  • Soul contract and commitments

  • Past lives (those related to your current life, aptitudes, talents, life lessons - to help you)

  • Dreams, visions, paranormal experiences

  • Spiritual awakening (kundalini, soul merge, oversoul, your spiritual evolution)

  • Spiritual protection (how to be safe, premonitions, forebodings; weather, life events, people)

  • Recognizing cults vs. authentic teachers of light who teach you how to help yourself

  • Angels, spiritual guides, ascended teachers who guide you and work with you

  • Life after death, spiritual planes

If you are with an abusive friend or partner - emotional, verbal or physical - yes, it is time to move on. Trust your own inner knowing. 

Prior to your personal session - I bond with your Higher Self and the angels who guide you. I recommend that you meditate in advance to enhance your intuitive connection.


During your session - I am deep in the focus, in the empathic-intuitive flow. So this is not a conversion. 

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