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A Vision of Meeting My Oversoul

March 5, 1982 (seven planet alignment)

A delicate fragrance of rose potpourri filled my quiet room. I curled beneath my periwinkle-blue afghan and gazed out the bay window at the prisms of afternoon snow filling the crisp Colorado air, floating down softly and blanketing the earth white. The resonant dancing lights reached into my soul and embraced me.


Alive. I am. Forever.


In that moment, I could see beyond all boundaries, through all, and familiar thoughts streamed into my mind:


Be still. Be still and know that God is in you. Be still.


This mantra into my mind soothed me, calmed me, stroked away my fears.


Be still. Be still and know that God is in you. Be still.


Drowsiness overcame me and I drifted into a light nap, wherein I saw an iridescent figure. The familiar light-being took my hand, and warmth flowed through me. We lifted beyond this world to a very bright hall and stood before a large double door. It opened and we entered a lovely garden of flowers, with singing birds and flowing fountains.


The light-being departed and a tall, ageless, spiritual master walked toward me. His stride implied an inner strength born from much experience. Yet he came without grandeur, with a clear and steady gentleness. His brown hair and beard complemented his modest, brown priest’s robe with a hood, of the ancient archetypal order of Melchizedek.


This handsome man, looking to be in his forties, came to me like a father. He came to me as a friend. His deep, brown eyes revealed a quiet and mellow nature.


“My name is Samuel,” he said.


He took my hand and we strolled through the garden, as he explained that in one lifetime he had been known as the prophet Samuel in the biblical Old Testament. After many lifetimes and inner explorations, he had grown beyond the boundaries of external reality and the struggles of human life. No longer bound to a body, he had ascended as his true Self into the timeless realms as one of the Unseen, now neither masculine nor feminine.


That was when he remembered he was an oversoul—my oversoul, the being from whom I first came to exist as an independent personality.


Until age thirty, I had journeyed throughout my life without consciously knowing of my oversoul’s existence. Yet Samuel had guided me. His feelings had impressed me; and his thoughts had reached into my deepest self, embodying the soul presence into my life.


Samuel and I now came to a room of mirrors. “Why have you come?” he asked me.


“I want to know,” I answered humbly.


“What do you want to know?”


“Whatever you will show me.”


We walked through the room, looking at my own many reflections of different incarnations, and Samuel said of other ascended masters, angels, and himself, “We have little more knowing than you, but we have come far since physical life. Perhaps our insights and understanding will help you and your friends find an easier way.”


“What can I do?” I asked.


“Give. That is all we ask. Let others know that life is not coming to any end. Let them know that they are each a divine aspect of the universal life force. Let them know that beings exist who respect and love them and offer support on request. Let them know all that we will tell you. Be our messenger. Let us teach through you.”


We returned to the garden and, as Samuel departed, a tall slender woman with long midnight-black hair approached me. She gazed at me warmly with love and affection, and a reverence fell over me. Alexandra was the other half of me, my “twin flame,” who also originally had come from the same oversoul; then she and I had decided to explore different kinds of reality as separate selves.


“My gift,” she said, “is to give you all you have known and to lift you up. Prepare yourself, my friend. Join me now.”


We walked and I listened and learned, transcending into expanded visions and hope.


“Indeed,” said Alexandra, “there is always hope.”


She and I planned the rest of my current life and I came to remember what I had known before about the realms of limitless thought.


We then traversed the universes and I brought back memories of these sojourns, which I share in this and many other books.


“Embrace all, be all,” said Alexandra. “Know that your dreams are already fulfilled, even as you give yourself to them.”

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