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The Seven Light Beings

I was wakened out of a deep sleep at 4:40 a.m. May 7, 2011 with these words in my mind: This is the I AM. I have a message. I got up, went to my meditation room, and wrote down these words as they came into my mind, phrase by phrase:


“This is the I AM. Humanity, we in Life’s Purpose hear you.


“Who are we that speak in the familiar language of soul through this teacher? We are Soul. We are Presence. The seven light sources that speak are in the direct line of the Alice Bailey tradition. We are the line of Melchizedek, the monastic Order of Knowledge. We are the revealers of Life’s Purpose. We are seven, in service to all humanity and all life.


“Our purpose is clarity. Our purpose is teaching the inner way. We are seven of the soul of this teacher, whose being is tempered to the realms of the Divine Presence; whose life force is immersed in bringing insight regarding all the events shaping a new transcending and sweeping, lasting reinventing of the human nature.


“We are known as angels. The Divine is all. Our words are in the language of the Divine. We bear that Fullness as a lamp, to show what is coming. We speak from the fire of creation, which is ongoing and never ending. We cannot hold up any who fears. We are through with fear. We are now bringing words to fuel a true knowledge:


“Life is always. Life is never ending. Life is the wherewithal to hear simplicity. Life is not drudgery. In your own center is the answer to all questions.


“It is our task, with this teacher, to show the energy thoughts underpinning this world. It is our task, with this teacher, to focus why these new pressures are pushing out all old faded delusions of Purpose. It is our task, with this teacher, to heal the uncertainty and to foster a more true Picture of what is in store for all in this world.


“We of this teacher’s tempered light now open the doorway to Earth’s evolution. This is not the end. Time does not end. Humanity does not end. Nature is not ended. Earth is now, already, vibrating to a pitch that cannot be stopped or avoided. All is now moving Purpose up to a view of the possible.


“Your being is light. You are light. The one truth is: All life is this essential element. Light is life. It is the visible Identity. It is an eternal driving power. It is your own vision, inside you. Inside your mind, light is the illumination, a magnetic essential component … of all that lives. Illumination is life, its nature.


“Why do we say this now, we seven of the soul of this teacher? Because all you have thought is now expanding. Nothing will be as it was. All of the fears are only a need to see. See what? Your own inner essence—which is boundless illumination, unlimited ability to imagine, incredible cognizance to know all around you. Believe it. It is real.


“The I AM Presence (speaking) is the Fullness of this teacher. This teacher is tempered in these four attributes:


Listen to your knowing that guides you.


Live with the attitude that every being is the divine in body.


Open your mind to greater things than ever imagined before . . . and they will become.


Live in hope . . . because hope is the Divine guiding you.


“We seven are the I AM life force. We serve only the good. We are the ancestors of this teacher. We are those who live to serve the Divine.




“All is the Divine. All is in the Wisdom. And so it is.”

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