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How the Gift Started

Charol Messenger spontaneously awakened to the universal consciousness at two a.m. November 2, 1975. As a result of this mystical activation, she has the spiritual gifts of clearly hearing, discerning, and interpreting the language of the soul — the “language of light.”


Charol is a translator of esoteric knowledge and the etheric Akashic Records into human language in practical, everyday terms. All of the phases of her spiritual development that followed the awakening came upon her unbidden consciously and without any preparation or training; nevertheless, each phase was a part of the greater Soul Plan for this incarnation.


Carrying the signature and blueprint of her oversoul — the biblical prophet Samuel — Charol “elected” to be born in July 1945, between VE Day and VJ Day at the end of World War II, to be part of the upcoming transformative social changes on planet Earth.


In the fall of 1975, Charol encountered a life-threatening situation over several weeks. During highly charged and shattering encounters with dark spirits, she faced the “dark night of the soul.” Latent psychic abilities and spiritual sight flooded to the surface of her consciousness, saving her physical life and her sanity. Thrust into dire circumstances and bombarded in her mind by images and tauntings by demons, she turned to prayer for the first time in fifteen years and asked God for guidance and protection. With the wisdom and strength of an old soul, she stood against the forces of darkness, stubbornly standing in the light and refusing to give in.


At the culmination of this “long dark night of the soul,” Charol saw and heard the chorus of angels in heaven, and their ethereal light illuminated her bedroom during an overlighting by her oversoul consciousness. The outcome of this ordeal was the beginning of merging that higher consciousness into the physical body, mind, and personality.


This “soul merge,” known esoterically as the Third Initiation, took six-and-one-half years to fully integrate. From five days before, through five days after March 5, 1982 (the day of a seven-planet alignment), this oversoul integration completed spontaneously, evidenced by eleven days of continuous heightened awareness and euphoria during which the oversoul consciousness fully embodied.


Two months later, in May, Charol was wakened out of a deep sleep by a gentle inner voice speaking into her mind, the voice of an angel on her soul council. This was the beginning of a writing phase during which Charol received, through inner dictation, several books from the oversoul consciousness. The topics covered the spiritual path, the history and origin of the angels and how they help humanity, and our evolving human society. Charol received these books one at a time, taking dictation from the clear inner voice between the hours of two and four a.m., when she was wakened out of a deep sleep each night by an inner prodding. As she heard each word or phrase, she repeated it into a tape recorder. For the next twelve years, Charol transcribed, light edited, and integrated the information at a deep level of the Self. She did not yet widely publish these works.


Then in 1994 another spontaneous event occurred during a six-month 24/7 period of exalted consciousness that resulted from very deep and prolonged meditative states. Having left a full-time job in April, Charol spent 100 percent of her time committed to renewing the connection with her spiritual Self, and she thrived on the rejuvenation.


After seven weeks, during an especially deep two-hour meditation, Charol lifted to a place in higher consciousness she had never reached before (and didn’t know she could, had not sought it nor expected it). Writing from this new pristine place within the soul — the most pure place one can reach and bring back the insights into the world — Charol wrote five entire new books within four months. She spent all of her waking hours transcribing (and absorbing) the inner-dictated material; which, interestingly, was received in her own point of view as if she had sat down and written it, including the anecdotes about her own life, which she had never before consciously realized. Into these five books from the Higher Mind, the same essential ideas and topics were conveyed as had been given twelve years previously, except now in new words and with flawless writing: the first incarnations of the angels (The Memory), the spiritual path (The Soul Path), the angels in our everyday lives (Wings of Light, followed by Walking with Angels), and our evolving human society (The new humanity, incorporated into the new and expanded Humanity 2.0).


Each of these books comes from the ancient scrolls of the Angels of Serendipity, the highest of the angel clans, those nearest to the Source Mind; as did several other books on angels and the eternal soul journey, telepathed in 1982-1989 through the oversoul consciousness. Written in the Higher Mind, all the books are published verbatim as received, word for word; except for light editing, renaming and rearranging chapters, and adding subheadings.


As a futurist and global visionary, awakened to cosmic consciousness and her oversoul in 1975, then the I AM Consciousness in 1994, Charol is a spiritual revealer, attuned to the undercurrent hum sweeping through humanity today. She is revealing humanity’s long foretold evolutionary transformation—that is happening right now. Humanity is in transcension—The Transcension. We are in it, now.

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