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Key Life Lessons on Our Challenges of Today
Pebble Beach

Hear Jesus' Voice ~ Feel His Presence with You
Complete First Edition - Audio Book

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Volume II 
of The Bringers of Hope
Complete First Edition

Audio Book

Male actor as Jesus' voice
In Jesus' Words

Shining Stars Award, PTWWN

Book signing NYC Javits Ctr
2 Global TV interviews 2019

The Bringers of Hope
Expanded Second Edition

In Jesus' Words, Today

The New Jesus Chronicles, Book 3

Updated Improved Complete First Edition
PLUS 24 All New Messages from Jesus
received Dec 12, 2020 - Mar 17, 2021​

40 new pages added


From the ascended consciousness of Jesus

Representing the Masters of Wisdom of all Earth’s History

to ALL of humanity

all races, all nations, all genders, all ages

all faiths, all religions, and also those on their own path

Dearest friends, I am returned.


In your heart, I reach across the dimensions of life to speak to you, to guide you, to show you the way.


Everyone on the planet is being visited by a Teaching angel. I have prepared the way for the Teaching angels to open each heart. For this is the time long foretold and, though it is at times forbearing, it is also the jewel of humanity’s long journey.


You are now arising into the Intended souls you always were meant to be. 

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A Few Reader Review Excerpts


“It is refreshing to hear what Jesus is saying to us today.  Thank you, Charol, for being a blessed vessel for Jesus. You have a special touch from Him.” - Dr. Marilyn Todman, CEO Preach the Word Worldwide Network TV


“Lovingly empowering message from Jesus 2,000 years later.... He encourages us to look for the hidden divinity within.... There is so much hope and praise in his words... The assurance that Good will prevail and that life on Earth is evolving into a more compassionate expression is coming strongly through this book. This is so uplifting and comforting. I’m very grateful to Charol that she has enabled Jesus to come back and be with us again.”  – Michael Matik, London UK, Reiki Master, Remote Healer. Author of Become Your Higher Self: Experience Fast Spiritual Awakening, free at  


“Exquisite!  I was humbled to tears, the words reaching into my soul! The voice in this book is so clearly of Jesus. The ‘voice’ fills you up with strength and love.  There is a gentle power in it, and it lifts you up.....” - Claudia Watts Edge, IANDS Conference host, public speaker and radio guest as NDE experiencer; author of Gifts from the Edge and We Touched Heaven (2021) endorsed by Raymond A. Moody, PhD. M.D.


“I LOVED THIS BOOK! A NON-RELIGIOUS RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS. THE WORDS WERE SO WARM AND INVITING, I JUST CURLED UP AND LISTENED TO HIS WORDS, MY BROTHER'S WORDS, MY SOUL REMEMBERING HIM.....” – Seeker (Dec 11, 2019, 5 Stars)                                                                                                                      

“A guide for lightworkers who are lost in today’s dark world. So many people I know are crying out from the depths of their hearts.  The world seems so dark, and we sense our old structures crumbling. We feel like there is something important we should be doing, but we aren’t sure where to start.  Here is the most beautiful book.  It is a guide for lightworkers in a time of enormous transformation of nations and individuals.... In this beautiful channeling, Jesus and the Council of Light reveal a plan to fully restore the original intention for humanity.  Just when we feel all hope is lost...... My heart and mind are bathed in the beautiful light of this book.” - Amiee Laun (Audible book, Feb 16, 2020, 5 Stars)


“.... I was awed by this profound book, but soon realized that Charol Messenger had provided us with a spiritual resource unlike any other. It's for anyone who feels alone in the world and unheard, who seeks inspiration and peace within. These are Jesus' words, as told to Charol, words of truth and enlightenment.” - Barbara Munson, co-author of historical biography Gilly: A Humble Crusader, owner Munson Communications (Feb 3, 2020, 5 Stars)


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