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You Would Not Be in this Life If You Were Not Making a Difference, Already

from the ascended consciousness of Jesus, to all humanity

Hello, dearest ones.

Today, I give you a glimpse into who you are, as humanity—so you will see what I see.

I see a people who are imaginative. You are emboldened to give to others the beauty of life. You are resilient in your love of life and all it offers. You are generous with your goodwill, and fearless in the face of challenges. You are brave and courageous in the face of obstacles and hardships. You are kind and inventive in the face of cruelty. You are always looking out for those you love, especially in the face of brutality and hatred.

Dearest friends, never doubt who you are. You are my brothers and sisters. You are an heir of the angels who guide and counsel you. You are in this life as a LIGHT of hope. You are in this life as a BEACON of resilience ... in ALL matters.

Dearest, know this:

You are in this life to give all that you are—your wisdom, your compassion, your creativity, your kindness—so that others will be filled with their own hope.

You are kin to all humanity. Every person is your brother or sister. Every person seeks peace of mind. Every person seeks a quiet heart.

You are the LIGHT of that gift to them. You are a voice of strength, confidence, and goodwill.

Believe in yourself. For you would not be in this life if you could not—and were not—making a difference, already, right now, in this moment, on this day.

You would not still be here if you did not have more to give—for the good of all.

For that is YOUR life spark, your purpose, and your higher will.

And for this, I also can assure you: You ARE, now, today, making people's lives better.

And also know this:

This world—this nation (America)—is NOT at an impasse. The struggle for goodwill as the marker of a good life is not the end all.

The good life IS in the goodness you see all around you. Now. Goodness surrounds you. Good people surround you.

Let THIS be your guide and your focus.

You, yourself, be that, too.

When you live to BE good in life—good shows you the way: to teach, to counsel ... to heal ... to build ... to restore.

You are in this life TO HEAL and TO RESTORE the goodness that every heart seeks.

And where you see it not is a soul in distress. And your STRENGTH is the counselor within you who KNOWS know to HEAL those wounds and those misguided aspirations.

For the only blame is in the one who chooses cruelty, not in the one who has not yet learned to heed the Inner Guide.

For the Inner Guide is the only voice of reason ... and does NOT encourage hatred, and does not feed fear.

You are THE HEALER. For kind counsel is found within a calm heart.

Of this, I encourage you to trust your own counsel (not others who are bent on cruelty).

Of this, I encourage you to heed the kind inner guidance that shows how to REPAIR distress and confusion.

In that is your Higher understanding.


Be fervent - but not audacious.

Be firm - but out of generosity.

Be strong - but out of the will to heal.

Never be so loud that you cannot hear the "still small voice within" that is the counsel and guidance of The Divine.

For that voice is the "better angels" that guide you. And is never a voice of mis-counsel.

The "still small voice within" is the true answer.

And if you do not hear it -

Be still. Practice stillness. Daily.

Until the silence is all there is.

And out of the deep silence comes the still small voice within.

Your own Higher counsel.

I love you. I am your brother always. Jesus-Sananda

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