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From My Light to Your Light

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Sharing Hope and Inspiration, Awakening Keys and Key Life Lessons on Living Your Higher Self, here and now.

The Stages of the Higher Life Beginning - Awakening - Integrating - Living Consciously and more Sharing my magical, amazing, personal life experiences - and how you can do all of this, too. My daily insights and master teachings written in The Divine Consciousness.

Plus, my personal stories and challenges in everyday life.

All news shared FIRST at the BLOG! * What's new in free eBooks in printable pdf, available worldwide ~ January - Your Awakening Attitude of Service * What's new in hardcover, eventually all titles ~ mid-February - Your Awakening Attitude of Service ~ The New Humanity, 3rd Edition * New books 2021 ~ end-Feb - Second Edition In Jesus' Words, Today: with All New Messages from Jesus, to all humanity, since Dec 12, 2020 (first in hardcover) ~ The World's New Global Spirituality ~ The New Humanity: The Fourth Wave Above photo at book signing NYC Javits Center June 2019

What can you do?

Let me know what you need. Ask questions. What are you looking for? What are you working on? What is your life challenge? How are you contributing to others, to your community? - This will inspire me.

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