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Personal Story #1 – how I KNOW Invoking White Light Protection works

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

HOW I SENT A FLASH FLOOD AWAY … And it looks just like the video….

A swift, rushing flash flood deluged my entire neighborhood—except for my half of the Cheyenne Mountain duplex. It flooded my neighbor’s basement, as well as all the houses around me.

At eleven p.m., while I was ironing in the living room, a flash-flood warning came on the TV, instructing everyone in my neighborhood to evacuate immediately. I stopped in the middle of ironing and began running around a bit crazily, grabbing up things to put in the car: computer disks and volumes of as yet unpublished manuscripts. Then I looked frantically about the office at all of my important stuff. There was no way I could take everything that really mattered to me, a lifetime of creative materials I still planned to publish.

At that moment, a sudden clarity and assuredness overcame me and I found myself declaring—with all knowing and might—“It just can’t be!”

Instinctively, I pulled up into my full height, stretching and filling with my old-soul warrior presence. My emotions centered to a dead calm, my mind cleared, and my thoughts sharpened to laser efficiency.

I spun through the room, then the entire house, diligently declaring, “IT WILL NOT BE!”

Like a shaman, I drew on an instinctual subliminal soul memory and stormed throughout my two-story home. I thrust my arms upward and outward, room by room, projecting a force-field bubble of white light around the house, visualizing it clearly in my mind’s eye; thrusting outward the innate cosmic power in all directions, and commanding the flood waters AWAY. With the full splendor of my TOTAL BEING and with clear intention, I willed—in words, thoughts, and images—the waters to travel around my home … and I sawthe area fully protected.

Suddenly the task felt complete and a calm contentment washed over me. The energy was set and I knew that I, Che and Cabra, our home, and all within were safe. I went back to ironing and watching TV without any further thought on the matter. In fact, I forgot all about the flood. It escaped my mind.

The next day, my half of the duplex was the only residence in my entire extended neighborhood for several blocks around that did not get flooded. My duplex neighbor’s garden-level basement was flooded. Mine was dry.

I had overlooked only one item in my shaman ritual. When visualizing the waters going around my home, I had neglected to include in my mental picture the little fenced side yard that held my large heavy wooden doghouse. The flood waters had torn open the fence in several places and pushed the dog house twenty feet forward. But my home and my car in the front gravel driveway were dry … the only dry spot for miles around.

[From Charol Messenger lifetime workbook, dozens of such stories, plus meditations and techniques, Intuition for Every Day. In 2021, this book (for beginners to advanced) is one of all my titles that will be a free ebook in printable pdf at,, radio interview March 23rd]

Why do I share this story? post soon to follow…

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