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Your Safety in All Circumstances Is In Your Inner Core Strength

From the ascended consciousness of Jesus – Jan 12, 2021 post-insurrection of the U.S. Capitol on Jan 6, 2021

Dearest ones, I am with you. In all the strife, the terror, the illness, the despair – I am with you. Let me be your encouragement. Let me be your hope. Let me be your visions of what may be.

Dearest ones, heed not anger, heed not rampant fears.

Heed only to being an inspiration, that those who have been this burden on society may be called to their judges for an accounting of their disruptive and disillusioning destructions on values.

Values, my dear ones, are the bedrock of living lives without fear. By heeding to the values of conscience, you are free of despair and callous disregard of others.

Values, dear ones, are the inner guide showing you—in your heart—how to live in empathy and how to live with a mind free of despair. Values, dear ones, are the inner guide nurturing you in times of doubt and confusion.

So, my dear friends. You are my brothers and sisters. And I am with you. In this moment. In this hour. I and all the angels of the Heavens. I and all the Masters of Wisdom of all Earth’s history. Not only in spirit. Not only ascended. We are with you, among you. Now. Today. We are your brothers and sisters, round about you. As counselors. On the Earth. We are embodied, to be with you, to help you. We open the eyes of kindness, in gentle ways.

I say this to assure you that this difficult time—not only in America but in many lands politically, and in all lands spiritually—is the last gasp of treachery seeking to root itself in the naïve.

Dearest ones, know this: Justice is at hand for all who cause harm and threat.

At the same time, be assured: The only remedy for cruelty is to be a beacon of kindness in your own life. Being spiritual is not to be hateful or to bring violence upon anyone. Not for any cause.

This period in humanity’s evolution is a treacherous time, for it is the healing of deep wounds.

And it is time to stand up and to stand in silence—against oppressors, dictators, violent conquerors.

This is a time to be an example of obedience to thoughtfulness. And not of placing horrors upon others.

So, lastly, I say this to you: Trust the still small voice within that counsels you to be silent in the face of one’s fury.

In your calmness, against their spouting of lies, you are resilient and not flinching in the midst of their rage upon you.

In your steadfast presence of mind, you are clear and resolute in how to respond, how to be, how to stand—how to resist.

It is futile to yell back. It is futile to leap into their battle cries.

Moral courage is within and is a clear and quiet and resolute knowing—in the moment—of just what to do.

Stand in your clear conscience—without fear, without hate—and you will know in that moment exactly what to do and say. It will come to you how to respond.

In this is your safety, your protection. In this is your calm and steady response. In this is your salvation.

For the steady heart is balance in all emotions. The steady heart sees clearly, in the moment, just what to do.

And this is your safety, your protection—and the protection of all those around you.

For when you are in a moment of danger—of whatever kind—when you are calm and clear in your heart and mind, in your focus, then you are resolute and there is no doubt, there is no confusion. There is only the knowing of just what to do and how to respond.

So, dear ones. Stand up. Stand in silence. Stand resolute. Against those who would do you harm.

This is the strength of your being in alignment. This is the inner core strength of the person who is in control.

This is the wisdom that is born when you live by the values of compassion. For values are what show you your purpose and your choices every day.

I love you. I am your brother. I am with you. Jesus, Sananda.

[Charol Messenger. This is one of many new messages from Jesus since December 12, 2020, included in upcoming Expanded Second Edition 2021 of In Jesus’ Words, Today. Look soon for free pdfs of all titles at, soon also at awakeningkeys

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