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KEY LIFE LESSONS 1: Living Consciously – Kindle book FREE Sat-Wed, Nov 14-18 – THE SOUL

In this award-winning personal-growth book on LIVING CONSCIOUSLY, best-selling author Charol Messenger shares new meditations, teachings, and personal anecdotes on how to live daily from your soul consciousness and fulfill your higher purpose. Explore: What the journey feels like. How to understand the Inner Voice. How to recognize genuine teachers of Light and know truth from falsehoods.       

“Masterfully written ‘handbook for the soul’.” ~ Aurelia Tara, Reiki Master.  “The essence of one’s development.” ~ John S. Brennan, Founding Dean, Regis University School for Professional Studies, Denver, Co.  National Finalist USA Best Books in Spirituality 2015.  12 chapters published in Pathways magazine, Denver.    

The KEY LIFE LESSONS for LIVING YOUR HIGHER SELF series are books that specifically give original teachings, meditations, anecdotes, and techniques on how to be fully conscious here and now and live from your soul consciousness, through which clarity arrives in the mind and calmness in the heart. There is a knowing of just what to do in any situation. Although all of the Messenger books touch on these topics, the books in this series uniquely present methods for how to understand the soul consciousness, reach it and live it during physical life, and do this for yourself. These are KEY LIFE LESSONS for living with peace of mind, no matter the circumstances and choices of your life.

All of the Messenger books have been received under the guidance of Ascended Master Jesus.

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