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Charol Messenger’s Visionary Books – 2nd Editions 2018

How to Live Your Higher Self

Now and Every Day

Charol Messenger’s award-winning books teach living Higher Self conscious, meditation, the inner voice, communicating with the angels, the new world spirituality, connecting with your Higher Self.

“Only now do I see other authors’ books and e-books regarding the ministry of the angels and visions of our new humanity as it evolves. It seems you were channeling this stuff way ahead of other intuitives who substantiate what you have written.” – Mary Ann Klein, South Lake Tahoe

13 book awards!

First Place Winner THE NEW HUMANS in international Soul-Bridge Book Awards of Europe 2017 in “The Spiritual Awakening of Humanity.” 2nd Edition 2018

Second Place Winner HUMANITY 2.0: THE NEW HUMANITY in international Book Excellence Awards 2017 in “Spirituality” (4th award). 2nd Edition 2018

First Place Winner YOU 2.0 in international Book Excellence Awards 2016 in “Personal Growth.” 2nd Edition 2018

INTUITION FOR EVERY DAY: An Awakened Higher Self Clairvoyant’s Master Workbook, National Finalist USA Best Books in “New Age Nonfiction” 2015. 2nd Edition

THE SOUL PATH, 3rd Edition 2018, National Finalist USA Best Books,  “Spirituality”

WINGS OF LIGHT, 2nd Ed.  National Finalist  EVVY Award Spirituality.

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