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Charol Messenger

Spiritual,Clairvoyant Teacher

Find inner peace, a stronger foundation, and the tools necessary to live a meaningful and joyful life.

Best-Selling Author, Charol Messenger Offers Hope

 ​Best-Selling Author in Spirituality Charol Messenger, Member of Best-Selling Authors Association 2020 and honoree of Marquis Who's Who in America 2020, inspires readers of all ages with her nondenominational books that bridge spirituality, metaphysical and religious thought. Fifteen book awards include 5 international First Place and Second Place.

A featured co-author in Jim Britt’s #1 International Best Seller Cracking the Rich Code, Vol. I, with Kevin Harrington and endorsed by Tony Robbins, Charol Messenger’s chapter “How to Live Stress Free” catapulted her to Best-Selling Author status. She wrote about how trusting her inborn instincts had saved her dozens of times from turbulent impending troubles, such as preventing a tornado from crushing her home, another time shielding her home and car against a flash flood; as well as avoiding auto crashes, safely retrieving her lost puppy, even knowing when it was time to quit that job—only, afterwards, having the epiphany on how, then, to earn a living.​ 

Pebble Beach

Humanity's Magnificent Future

The 21st Century and Beyond

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Kairos Crystal Award 2019

2 Global TV Interviews with:

Preach the Word Worldwide Network


Humanity 2.0

5 awards! 

2 international

Book signings

Global TV interview

1 BEST THUMBNAIL The New Humans messenge

The New Humans

Second Genesis

1st Place Winner 2017 Intl.

2nd Place Winner 2017 Intl.

1 2018 Best Thumbnail WINGS.webp

Wings of Light

The Four Angels Who Guide You

National Finalist 2012

6 chapters Denver magazine

You 2_0.webp

You 2.0

Living Your Infinite Self

1st Place Winner 2016 Intl.

1 Best THUMBNAIL Soul Path  2018 Jan16 3

The Soul Path

Being Fully Conscious

National Finalist 2015

12 chapters Denver magazine

"How to Live Stress Free ... and Make Magic Happen"

#1 International Best Seller 2020

Cracking the Rich Code

Vol. I

with Jim Britt, Kevin Harrington

commentary by Tony Robbins

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