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Best-Selling Author Charol Messenger Launches Her Newest Book, Your Awakening Attitude of Service

Hi! I hope you are well and having a blessed day. My new book offers peace in the heart and mind, with concrete steps, techniques, and meditations for dealing with the challenges of our day. A book of hope. A Light for Our Times.

This is the first time I have trended! And it came as a surprise. A delightful surprise. My News Announcement published 10/20/20 and day one I had at least 1,300 Google links to national news media networks, magazines, and a lot more (including NBC and CBS all over the nation). (you can Google it)

I am wowed. And grateful. Now I am putting all those results to use, on my website, on LinkedIn, on Facebook, on WordPress, on Twitter, on Author Central. The list keeps growing.

Currently on kindle. Next week in print!

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