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“You, dear one, are a bringer of light for all whose lives you see, feel, and know.” Kin

THE NEW HUMANS: SECOND GENESIS is new epiphanies on our lives today and in the decades to come in our fast-changing world.

FIRST PLACE WINNER international Soul-Bridge Awards of Europe in “Spiritual Awakening of Humanity,” 2017. Second Place Winner international Book Excellence Awards in “Spirituality,” 2017.

Visionary prophetic messages on: the new waves of visionaries born since the 1970s and 2001: Solvers of humanity’s greatest problems – health, environment, poverty, education, abuse, crime: Inventors, innovators, researchers, scientists, engineers, physicians, healers, creators, protectors, intuitives. Working in all industries and endeavors. New answers in science and technology. Predictions beyond 3500 A.D.

“Expanding upon the premise of Book 1 Humanity 2.0: The New Humanity, that humanity is posed for an unprecedented evolutionary process that will take it into a new rebirth and renewal cycle…. Ultimately a blueprint of this vision, hope, and not just possibility but probability.” ~ Midwest Book Review, by D. Donovan

“The twenty-first century awakens the heart and frees the soul—and brings light to all that has been unseen.”

Best-selling author Charol Messenger is an honoree of Marquis Who’s Who in America 2020. Her 15 book awards in spirituality and personal growth include 5 international First Place and Second Place.

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