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Prophetic book – WINGS OF LIGHT: Knowing the angels who guide you

WING OF LIGHT: Knowing the angels who guide you  

Feel lost? Disconnected? Alone?

You are not alone. You are never alone. Angels are with you.

Angels are with us in greater numbers today than ever before in human history. Life today is moving very fast. Change is sweeping through humanity. Learn what this change means, how it affects your life, and your role in it. Learn how hearing the inner counsel of the angels activates and guides you in your higher purpose.

In Wings of Light, anecdotes, parables, and visualization exercises show you how to sense and hear the four living beings of light who are your personal guardian angel, counselor angel, caretaker angel, and intercessor angel.

  1. You learn simple techniques for sensing the angels’ inspiring presence, how communicating with angels and ascended beings gives a deeper meaning to life.

  2. You learn how angels interact in your everyday life and can assist in your daily choices.

  3. You learn why you just know things … and to trust that instinctual awareness.

  4. You are also given this valuable technique: The angels helping you find a lost child or pet.

Order WINGS OF LIGHT: Knowing the angels who guide you at

Copyright 2012, published 11-11-11. Also at, soon at Kindle. (Original copyrights 1994-2011.)

Global visionary, futurist, and spiritual revealer, Charol Messenger has served many thousands as a Higher Self clairvoyant-empath since her spontaneous mystical awakening in 1975. She is also a certified clear channel of ascended masters through The Tibetan Foundation, and a certified lightworker by renowned metaphysical teacher Linda Schiller-Hanna. Founder of the Books for Iraq charity and international newsletter Global Citizen, Charol is a graduate of the University of Colorado. She authored the award-winning books The New Humanity and I’m Dancing As Fast As I Can; in addition to her new books Humanity 2.0, The Soul Path, Intuition for Every Day, and You 2.0.

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