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NEW BOOK! The Soul Path: Understanding Your Spiritual Experience

Understanding Your Spiritual Experience

May this be an inspiring and gentle spring for you. I wish you good fortune and joy with your own very significant life pursuits, and invite you to my third new book. The first ever print edition is on sale now!

THE SOUL PATH: Understanding Your Spiritual Experience

by Charol Messenger


Are you living your life fully?

The Soul Path stretches both the beginner and the spiritual teacher to a new and clearer place within yourself. It clarifies where you are in your personal soul evolution, and reveals how to live from your incredible boundless being, resonating with wisdom and presence.

  1. How does enhanced insight help you face life’s challenges with resilience and fortitude?

  2. What is the inner voice, and how can it help you every day for personal guidance?

  3. How can you tell the difference between a true spiritual teacher and a cult leader?

Learn how to better serve yourself and others, how to live all out, invigorated by your creative, limitless imagination. Through original teachings, anecdotes and guided exercises, this gentle book reveals the natural rhythm of the spiritual path. It sparks your innate knowing, uplifts you to possibilities, affirms who you really are, and inspires you to act on your aspirations—for your life is up to you!

Includes: Volume I: The Spiritual Path (ebook 2009-2011, twelve chapters published 1995-96 in various issues of Denver’s Pathways magazine).

PLUS Volume II: “Humanity’s Turning Point Is Now” (new messages from the Infinite Consciousness received 8-17-11 thru 10-11-11, from the blog

PLUS Appendices, never before published: The Ageless Wisdoms, Life Answers.

Web page shows full Contents. 254 pages 6×9  $19.95

ORDER at Messenger Publishing

On next week.

On Kindle in 3-4 weeks.

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