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The New Humans is Book 2 in “The New Humanity” series and offers further predictions, expanding upon the premise of Book 1 Humanity 2.0, that humanity is posed for an unprecedented evolutionary process that will take it into a new rebirth and renewal cycle.

The new humans are concerned with doing overall good in the world for purposes beyond self-satisfaction or material rewards. They are creative innovators who hold a higher purpose in mind,  and they are involved in new scientific inventions and discoveries that will benefit not just the human race but the planet.

Most of all, they represent a collective human shift into an age where compassion rules.

If this sounds idealistic and downright impossible, it should be advised that the forces Charol Messenger documents in her first and, now, her second book are already at hand, not in the distant future of possibility.

Chapters outline spiritual and social messages touched upon in the first book, but largely provide new material as they reinforce the notion that human beings are all about soul, not body; and that this long-forgotten perception is experiencing a new awakening. The result will lead to humans becoming more genuinely “human” than before: a concept that begins with a new cosmic age and expands to embrace change, flexibility, adaptation, and a different set of values and strengths.

The New Humans is ultimately a blueprint of this vision, hope, and not just possibility but probability. It maintains that human society is already in the process of changing. The New Humans provides sweeping visions of this change and also inspires individuals to embrace these hopeful transitions.

The result isn’t just a documentary about human evolution: It’s a roadmap for spiritual achievement on both individual and society-wide levels.

Readers with special interest in new age, spiritual, philosophical, and/or evolutionary concepts will find The New Humans engrossing, accessible, and firmly rooted in present-day experiences and future trajectories.

~ D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

THE NEW HUMANS: Second Genesis, Charol Messenger, Messenger Publishing, 9781546790464. $14.99 Amazon 6×9 soft cover, 234 p / $7.99 Kindle.   

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