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“Dear one, this is now an awakening time for you.” KINDLE BOOK FREE TODAY thru Oct 15

FREE starting TODAY, 5 days only on Kindle, Sunday Oct 11-15. IN JESUS’ WORDS, TODAY: Humanity’s Magnificent Future – the 21st century and beyond. 😇

“Dear one, I have risen. You have called me Brother over and over again. Let us now restore our companionship. For this is your strength in times of feeling out of control. I now give you my hand in friendship, my brother. I clear the way for you in harmony, my sister. We are always together in spirit, and in flesh. I will not ever forsake you. I am with you always. It is in Love that I am here with you today. Because you have called out, I have come. Let me be your Counselor. Let me struggle beside you. Let my voice be yours, in silence and in tumultuous times. Dear one, this is now an awakening time for you. You have journeyed a very far point in your unfolding, as you awaken to the extraordinary new vision: ‘I am a balance of harmony in the world.'”

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Sep 12, 2021

Veery thoughtful blog

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