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Angels Are Here? Guardian Angels Are Real? Yes.

Four living beings of light counsel and guide each person every day.

Through relevant present-day personal true stories, archetypal parables, and original visualization exercises, in WINGS OF LIGHT you see how to sense and hear your own personal guardian angel, counselor angel, caretaker angel, and intercessor angel. Simple techniques show you how to sense an angel’s presence, hear the angels, and trust your instinctual knowing of just what to do in any situation.

A significant chapter is a technique directly from the angels on how to find a lost loved one and secure safety. This visualization technique “came” to Charol on five different occasions when her miniature schnauzer was lost, from three-months-old to fourteen-years-old. Each time, Charol’s dog was returned to her quickly and unharmed, despite the dangerous and extraordinary situations. This same technique also worked for twelve other people.

WINGS OF LIGHT is a meditation guide on how to let the angels help you. This simple, beautiful book unveils ancient mystery school teachings on the four angels who guide us every day.

Six chapters were published in Spirit Quest magazine, Denver CO.

Kirkus Reviews wrote, “There are four categories of angels … and each has its role of protection, self-discovery, self-will and connection with the ‘Higher Self.’ This is a quietly powerful book, emphasizing personal strength and inner knowing rather than fear, and its message of hope and reassurance is a warm, welcome cup of breakfast tea … sincere, concise and nonjudgmental … easy-to-follow practices and meditations…. A particularly persuasive chapter provides techniques for energetically locating a lost loved one. Another plus is information on universal laws, finding serenity, restoring spiritual resonance and realigning the ‘Self.’ Helpful, gentle, practical illumination for the spiritual seeker.”



  1. Angels Abundantly Here Personal anecdotes. Why angels are present more actively than ever before. Angels Assisting Us in Our Evolutionary Leap. Mysterious Manifestations. The Embodiment. Visitation from Archangel Michael. The Angels’ Realm. They Are As Real As You and I. God’s Manifest Representatives.

  2. Angels in a Parallel Dimension — How the angels work with humanity. How they are a distinct species. How to contact them and be aware of them in your life. The benefits and results of angel contact. Awakening to Their Presence. Imbuing Their Presence. Their Effects on Our Behavior. Their World and Their Service. How Life Becomes More Fulfilling. We Are Never All on Our Own. Life’s Three Primary Universal Laws. Why Let the Angels Help You? How We Discover Our Own True Identity.

  3. How to Hear the Angels — Technique for hearing the angels. The angels of your personal soul council. How to develop the sixth sense. The Inner Silence. The Presence of Inspiration. The Influence of Hope Upon Us. The Four Angels Who Personally Help You. The No. 1 Way to Hear the Angels. What It’s Like to Be in Your True Nature.

  4. How to See the Angels — Meditation visualization exercise. How to attune to and see an angel’s energy presence. How to tap into the Universal Mind. As Our Compassion Grows. The Source of Insight. The Four Angels Nearest to Us Are Our Ancestors. In the Rapture of the Angels. In the Embrace of an Angel. On the Wings of an Angel: Imagine this.

  5. The Origin of the Angels and Humanity — How angels came to be and why. “The Before Time” when humanity first existed.  The Face and Form of God. How Connecting to the Angels Makes Life Easier. When Humanity First Existed. When You Need an Answer.

  6. The Mind and Embodiment of God — Personal anecdotes. The angels in my life. The inner words “Be still.” How to contact the angels. How to feel their presence. Through Angels We Access the God Mind. The Voice of God. They Await Our Heart’s Invitation. However Long It Takes Us, They Are There.

  7. The Four Angels Who Help You Every Day — Guardian angelImagine this. Functions other than saving you from trouble. Counselor angel – Sends contemplative thoughts and visions of your true character. Caretaker angel – Gives you the yearning to discover what else there is in life besides struggle. Intercessor angel – Links you with your Higher Self. Parable: The Subtle Difference Between Dimensions. How to Connect to the Higher Dimensions. How All Dimensions Co-Exist at Merely Different Vibrational Frequencies. The Energy Bridge Between Us and Ascended Beings. How We Ascend Into Our Higher Being. What Is This All About?

  8. When You Can No Longer Ignore Those Small Inner Nudgings — Why you are really here. Your true nature. The state of mind to hear the inner guidance. The state of mind when ready for angelic assistance. How to forgive all you have done before.  The Misinformation Out There. Parable: Life’s 2×4 (for those who ignore the inner nudgings). Sounding Familiar? So When Do the Angels Step In? Escaping the Sinking Quagmire of “Out of Answers, Desperate” (but not ready to tell anybody). Now Real Help Arrives. How Do You Forgive Your Past and Start Over?

  9. When Does Help Arrive? — How to discern the inner voice. How using intuition leads to self-awareness. Simultaneous realities. Just Ask. The Inner Voice. Is It Always a Voice or a Thought? How Can You Discern Between a Positive and Negative Choice? The Inner Knowing. Trusting the Inner Sense. Expanded Self-Awareness. Choosing Resonance. Opening to Higher Possibilities. Aligning to Higher Personality. Kindling a New Level of Conscious Being. Learning to Live As a Higher Presence. Devoted to the Bliss of Being Your Authentic Self.

  10. Your Talents Magnify — Personal anecdotes. The attitude most relevant for all of your actions. Increasing Serendipity. Anecdote: Financial Fears As a Self-Supporting, Temporary Secretary, Single Woman. The Inner Angst. Fully Embodying the Presence.

  11. Linking to All Other Living Consciousness —Personal anecdotes. Your place in the vast scheme of existence. How to surrender the attitude of superiority. How to release inhibitions, confusion, and dismay. The Two Key Universal Attitudes. How We Are All Part of a Unified Field of Energy. The Energy Bridge to All Higher Consciousness. Awakening to the Living Mind of God.

  12. Finding the Inner Thread of Serenity — The energy bridge to the angels and your higher consciousness. How to awaken to the living mind of God. When it is ego rather than your spirit speaking within you. Our multidimensional reality. The evolution of God. Aligning to the Greater Good. The Ways to Serenity. How to Restore Spiritual Resonance. To Realign a Relationship, First Realign Self. Transcending Past Beliefs. The Evolution of All Life Is a Single Process. The Angels and Humanity Are the Left and Right Hands of God.

  13. Angels Helping You Find a Lost Loved One — We are connected to loved ones through our hearts by a white-light cosmic “umbilical cord.” How Is This Possible? How We Are All Connected by a Web of Energy. The Technique from the Angels. Envision. Intention. Focus. Total Silence. Choose a Place. Time Alone in Contemplation. A Quiet Hour. Before Eating. Delay Stimulants and Depressants. Now You Are Sitting in the Room. Deep Breathing. The Mental Screen in Your Mind’s Eye. Creating the Safety Field. What More Can You Do? Trust the Divine Source. Heal Your Child’s Uncertainty by Remaining Calm.

Many years before this visualization technique was inner dictated for this book, it came into my mind in a moment of personal crisis: the first time my floppy-eared miniature schnauzer puppy was lost in a dark rain storm in the middle of the night. This technique worked four other times as well over the years when she wandered across busy city streets during rush hours, through a wilderness area, through a deep snow blizzard (when she was fourteen and in old age). (These events are detailed in my book Intuition for Every Day.) On each of these five occasions, remarkably my dog was returned to me safely and unharmed. I shared this technique with twelve other people who had lost their pets; in every instance, the pet was returned safely and unharmed (except for one that had already died). After the fifth recovery of my schnauzer, the angels sent this detailed technique for this book. I hope this technique brings you peace as it did me … five times. It taught me to trust the power of our spiritual being and to believe in forces greater than myself. It taught me to trust the power of our mind and intention when focused, and the power of letting go of fear and releasing the outcome to the highest good—because every time I did, almost immediately I received word of the safe care of my beloved dog. Each instance of quick and safe recovery filled me with awe toward the spiritual power.
  1. The Possible Holy State of Being — Your original state of being. The three steps to achieving the angelic presence of mind and being. How to find strength of character. Remembering Your Original Self. How We Know When We Are Evolving into an Angelic State of Being. Where Humanity Is Headed Now. How We Become this Evolving Self.

  2. We Are All in an Evolution of Consciousness — When humans first existed. The evolution of consciousness. The now transformation of humanity. Why and How Angels Were the First Beings. Then Came Humans. How Humans Are Similar to the Angels. Us, By Comparison. And now? The Angels Reflect Our Inherent Capacity. Awakening to Bliss. This Is Who We Are.


Messages from: Soul Essence of the physical embodiment Charol Messenger Oversoul Samuel Messenger’s Soul Councils

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From futurist and visionary, Charol Messenger  ALL PRINT MANY MORE KINDLE BOOK SERIES “Living Higher Self Conscious” (You 2.0, Intuition Every Day, Soul Path).   All content this blog copyright © Charol Messenger. (search: being higher self)

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