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Sense Everything Around You? Protect yourself—from the world?


This lifetime-workbook of original techniques for living Higher Self conscious and activating or enhancing your natural and innate intuitive senses includes Charol Messenger’s 130 original meditations and easy techniques, which she learned from the Divine Inner Self, used in her own life, and taught as a Higher Self Teacher for spiritual living in our modern world.

Key chapters include: intuitive sensing the world around you, psychic protection, 29 personal life stories on how Charol used innate intuition in everyday life crises and challenging situations, and original techniques for the busy modern life that show you how to be safe in all circumstances.

Gleaned from Charol’s 41 years as a Higher Self clairvoyant, empath, channel, and  shaman (instinctively recalled from past lives), she shares her original techniques on inner hearing, inner seeing, intuitive sensing, and psychic protection. In the anecdotes of her personal true stories, she shows how she has used all of these techniques in her own life; such as, protection from catastrophic weather, like keeping away tornado, flood, forest fire, hurricane—and how she brought her lost dog home, five times, safely and quickly. You also learn the meanings of clairvoyant inner vision symbolisms and metaphors to help you better understand your own sensed and heightened perceptions and psychic experiences.

To quicken the integration process of your own Higher Self consciousness, Charol has added advanced soul meditations and exercises, and ten new universal laws, all of which she received directly as auditory dictation from the Universal I Am Consciousness, her own Oversoul (Higher Self), Angels of Serendipity, and Ascended Master Djwhal Khul.



Source of the Teachings


Introduction. How Intuition Works. How to Grow Your Intuition.

Inner Hearing:  The Still Small Voice Within.  Everyday Use and Safety — Sixteen Personal Anecdotes : including: The Men in Blue, Jury Duty, Fun Stuff, The Pet Connection, Other Critters, Falling Down a Flight of Stairs — Three Simple Steps to Hearing the Inner Guide.

Intuitive Sensing:  Empathy – Innate Human “Radar,” Nine Personal Anecdotes, Five Techniques .  Premonitions and Forebodings: How I Moved the Tornado — How to Be Safe No Matter Where You Are: How I Sent the Flash Flood Away — Protecting a Loved One: How I Brought My Lost Dog Back To Me – Five Times — Clearing Negative Thought Forms: That Someone At Work.

Inner Seeing:  The Mind’s Eye, Thirty-seven Examples from over 14,000 clairvoyant readings from the higher self consciousness, Seventeen Techniques, Personal Anecdote.  Clairvoyant Symbols: Past – Present – Future — Staircase to Heaven, Time, Psyching Information, The Preparation.  Reading Yourself: Ball of Light, Line of Light Pointing the Way — Where, When, What, Who.  How to Make the Right Choice (Personal Anecdote).


Discovering Your Energy Field. Energizing for the Day. Setting Your Focus for the Day. Morning Jumpstart. How Do You Love Yourself?

The Six Practices to Sharpening Your Intuition.  Inner Knowing, Twelve Techniques, Three Personal Anecdotes, Guided Meditation.

  1. The Breath: Deep Rhythmic Breathing – to reach the deep inner silence. Deeply Relaxing Into Your Inner Self.

  2. Protection: White Light – for clarity and protection, Bubble of White Light Around Your Car, The White Light Rules.

  3. Grounding: Centering – for balance and harmony, Blessing to Begin the Day.

  4. Clearing: Aura Cleansing – for inner peace and tranquility, Aura Cleansing with Crystals.

  5. Aligning: Chakra Balancing – for alignment and to discover your purpose — Method 1, Method 2.

  6. The Inner Stillness: Meditation – to feel the Divine Presence. Activities Essential to Wholeness, Stilling the Mental Chatter in the Mind, Guided Exercise: Attuning to the Inner Stillness (Meditation Styles: Basic, Deeper Relaxation, In Movement), To Go Deeper, The Best Part.


Ten New Universal Laws:  “Principles of Balanced Being” (inner dictated spontaneously 1982). “Tenets of Clear Being” (re-inner dictated spontaneously 1994). Comparison Chart (identical Laws in concept and in the same order, only different words).

Eight Guidelines for Using the Spiritual Power:  To Be Spiritually Aware, To Embody the Divine Inner Light, To Access the Inner Power, To Accumulate the Spiritual Power, To Transmute the Spiritual Power, To Use the Spiritual Power Practically, To Use the Spiritual Power to Enhance Your Personal Reality, To Use the Spiritual Power for the Community Reality.

Extra Strength Protection:  Against All Forces (Personal Anecdote) — How to Identify a Presence (spirit, ghost, entity, psychic visitation), Rainbow Light Shield, Protection Affirmations 1 & 2.

Visualization Meditations:  1. Accepting.  2. Forgiving Yourself and Others – to feel peace within.  3. Communing with Your Soul and Angels in a Higher Conscious Meditation.  4. Self-Empowerment.

Brainwave and Heart Integration Deep Visualization Meditations :  1. Toning the Cellular Structure of Your Psyche and Body.  2. Transmuting to a Light Body.  3. Healing Friendships.  4. Healing the Traumas and Conditions of Your Life (Dissipating barriers and integrating your etheric body).  5. Heart Integration.

Soul Merge Deepest Meditation

The Secret to Manifestation


includes…. Messenger’s Soul Purpose and “Soul Contract”

~ ~ ~

From futurist and visionary, Charol Messenger  ALL PRINT MANY MORE KINDLE BOOK SERIES “Living Higher Self Conscious” (You 2.0, Intuition Every Day, Soul Path).   All content this blog copyright © Charol Messenger. (search: being higher self)

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