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HUMANITY 2.0 — The Transcension

HUMANITY 2.0—The Transcension reveals new and profound insights into our evolving human species. Discover how our lives and our world are changing now—and well beyond 2012.

This remarkable book explains humanity’s genetic evolutionary leap that is happening right now—through activated dormant DNA molecules and increased brain capacity, particularly in those born since the 1970s.

Discover what consciousness really is, how the new human body’s health and longevity are being affected and how our intuitive abilities are enhancing. Learn about the nature of reality and the cosmos, how the universes are expanding, time is speeding up, what was before the Big Bang, and what is dark energy.

Discover the major significance of the global cultural transformations such as the 2011 Arab Spring and why the earth’s magnetic zones are in a new phasing. Learn the global trends through the next decade, the next 25 years, this century and the next, including a new energy source. Learn what all this means to your everyday life, how you can access your full creative abilities and do what you were born to do.

Now are the times long foretold. The new humanity is now.

BONUS! How to be safe from tornados, floods, wild fires, catastrophic weather.

Available at Also at On Kindle mid January. Charol Messenger has served many thousands as a Higher Self clairvoyant-empath since her spontaneous mystical awakening in 1975.

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