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Four Universal Principles That Guide Us

Universal truths are the underlying principles that guide every living being. For example:

  1. The truth of humility, the force that shields us from misspeaking.

  2. The truth of courage, which inspires us to be bold when a situation calls for inner strength.

  3. The truth of compassion, which shields us from our own misguided jealousies.

  4. The truth of service, which helps us to be for the good of others rather than self alone; which protects us from hurting anyone, including ourselves and including animals.

We all have these inherent truths at our core. It is these principles that show us who we are and who others are. It is these principles that help us to discover—and practice—the secrets to a content heart.

Let us, then, listen—in stillness—to who we really are.

~ from The I Am

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