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Doctor Confirms Charol Messenger’s Prediction

The following comment refers to an article, “Children Since 2001 – The New Minds, Larger Occipital Lobe,” published in Humanity 2.0 in 2012, the first book in my New Humanity Series. Enhanced Humanity is third in the series (publishing this weekend). The New Humans is second in the series. They all write on similar topics.

“This is one of the most interesting articles I have read. My son, who was born in 1997, has always wondered about the larger part on the back of his head or rather what he calls a big bump. After a thorough check up before a youth academy this summer, he shared it with the physician, who explained the larger occipital lobe to him and gave him this article to read. Although he says it is really rare to have this earlier than 2001. After reading it as a mother, I was like this is my son! I would love to learn more about this! Thanks so much for sharing!” ~ Karen, Colorado

Humanity 2.0: The Transcension

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