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Awareness Dawned at age 30

Be still, the voice said to me. Be still and know that God is in you. Be still.

The echoing mantra in my mind was soothing. It seemed to embrace me from within. It calmed me.

I could feel the voice, like a soothing hand stroking away my fears.

Be still. Be still and know that God is in you. Be still.

The thoughts filled me. The thoughts healed me. The thoughts empowered me.

This is how the spirituality writings began. They “came” to me.

Awareness dawned at age thirty, with a stunning awakening to the consciousness of my Oversoul.

This mystical cosmic awakening burst through me in 1975 in an astonishing and unexpected rush, stirring a deep and strong connection to all peoples, cultures, religions, the earth, and the animals — and I began seeing and hearing the world beyond me.

It is through this Higher sensitivity that I was taught that all humans are grand souls and that there is no difference among us.

Through this kindling of my spiritual being, I learned how we are all one: one consciousness, one in hopes, one in dreams. That in this oneness, there is no separation simply because of our various races or religious beliefs. That the ideologies we hold are our own and are not a fault in others. That fear is what drives judgment, fear of what is different.

I learned that we are not our fear. That when we open our heart, our mind awakens and we are able to see the visions of our own true Self.

That vision is grander than anything we have felt or known before. That vision gives us direction and inspires us to be of service in the world, in whatever ways our heart guides us.

We are led by our awakened heart.

This new way of seeing and feeling, this new way of caring,  beyond ourselves, this is the new humanity. And those whose hearts are touched with an urgency to help others, to make people’s lives better — that is a hallmark of the new human.

The twentieth century showed us what is possible. Great minds brought us new technologies.

The twenty-first century awakens the heart and frees the soul — and brings light to all that has been unseen.

We are in life to show our light. To be our light. To share the inspirations that are pushing us.

And the world needs us. In every land. In every nation.

The world needs lightworkers, wayshowers, every generous heart, every open heart and open mind. For these are the healers, the teachers, the artists who show us the way, who bring us insights and visions not before illuminated in this world. They show us the way. They lead us. They are the new humanity.

~ ~ ~

This is the PREFACE to my new book THE NEW HUMANS: SECOND GENESIS.  Copyright 2017 Charol Messenger.

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