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Amidst Forest Fires, One Colorado Woman Brings Rain

Averting Forest Fires Update June 29, 2012 (during a rash of Colorado wildfires and the two worst in Colorado’s history)

Miss B: “I am so thankful to be able to live in Colorado, in the foothills, with great views and wonderful nature. But nature here also brings danger, as we have seen during the 2012 summer lightning storms that have sparked devastating wildfires up and down the front range: Colorado Springs, Boulder, Fort Collins.

“With fires burning and destroying land and homes, when an early evening storm approached my area in those same foothills, I knew what to do. I remembered how last year [2011] I had seemingly stopped an approaching wildfire in early spring [got snow] by using what I knew about energy forces [learned from Charol’s workbook Intuition for Every Day]—and this time, also, I immediately got to work using that same technique.

“As the lightning strikes grew stronger and closer, I went to my deck overlooking the storm and waved my arms up to the heavens and around to the side, over and over; while imagining my own energy growing outward and upward, like a shield, to protect my house.

“I continued this, feeling my energy leave my body and go upward from my head. I verbally commanded it to protect and envelop my area, even my entire foothills neighborhood.

“I continued this again and again—feeling very strong and powerful—for about ten or fifteen minutes. And then, to my surprise, I felt raindrops! At first, just a few. Then the heavens opened up with a soaking rainstorm.

“Last year, it was snow. Now it was a protective rain—which was unpredicted and a huge surprise to weather forecasters. Not to me, though.

“Imagine if we all concentrated and projected our energy to protect our land, our property, our state, our country during impending danger. What power we all have!” – Barb

~ ~ ~

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