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5 Stars! Red Headed Book Lover Blog Review!

“I loved your book The New Humans but I just wanted to write a personal note that I thought your book was genuinely incredible and I really enjoyed every moment of it. Never once did your book lack momentum and your writing was stellar.” Aimee Ann, Red Headed Book Lover Blog 2018 June 29. Read full review here and at

The New Humans: Second Genesis is one of the most unique but exceptional books I have ever had the pleasure of reading. When I discovered The New Humans, I instantly wanted to read it because in the description predictions for the world’s future is alluded to and I wanted to know more about these predictions and the evidence that support they could become true. This intrigue paired with the fact that the preview of The New Humans [see below] is flawlessly written ensured that I would read the book thoroughly from beginning to end. The New Humans is just incredible, book lovers, and no amount of words can describe how much I loved this book. I have always been fascinated with science as well as humanities and earth’s future so to read about Charol Messenger’s visions of the future and to have the reasons explained to why she thinks it will happen was mind-blowing and satisfied my intrigue

The New Humans is written by Charol Messenger who is a knowledgeable and intelligent woman who has won numerous awards for her books that fall within the Mind, Body and Spirit genre. What I love the most about Charol’s literature is how she was able to entertain me from the very start! Usually, it takes a while for me to be entertained, book lovers, but not with Charol’s book. Charol ensured that I was captivated from the start and so that is why I am already recommending The New Humans for you lovely readers to read, however, if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more about this gem of a book!

The New Humans is a visionary book that examines the future and what would be possible. Charol Messenger is the voice of this, and throughout her book, she perfectly guides her reader into the future and explores what will one day happen/what will be possible and what she writes is fascinating! Charol throughout her book explores many things she believes she will happen, such as a new energy source that will be able to restore the earth’s ozone layer, space travel, a cure for Alzheimer’s, a new antibody and so much more! All of this is explored in a wealth of detail, and the result is fascinating. Even if you do not believe this will happen, I still think the book will be highly enjoyable thanks to Charol’s phenomenal literature alone.

What I loved the most about The New Humans is the fact that none of the future possibilities explored are ridiculous. In fact they are all potential possibilities and Charol explains all the reasons as to why the events will/can happen. So if you are a reader who is tired of reading non-believable science books, then The New Humans is for you and I promise it will not let you down!

The New Humans is an incredible book, and Charol Messenger has done a superb job of informing her readers flawlessly, never confusing them from start to finish. When science is involved in a book as well as complicated possibilities it is a real possibility that the author in question will not be able to explain every detail and so the reader will get frustrated and stop reading. However with The New Humans, the reader will never experience this because Charol ensures that her book is easily readable and easy to understand and learn and that is one of the many reasons I am obsessed with The New Humans!

Charol Messenger is quite simply a gem, and her work is stellar. Charol is well-equipped to inform us readers on all of these subjects explored in this book because she has a vast amount of knowledge and experience. I hate when a book that falls into the science genre is written by somebody who claims to have a ton of knowledge and experience but does not, so the fact that The New Humans is written by somebody who does is simply fantastic and makes me love this book even more. Charol has managed to include a wealth of knowledge in her book all while making it accessible and easy to read for her readers. Charol’s readers will be able to understand every topic and subject thanks to her intricate writing that has a natural rhythm.

Overall The New Humans indeed is a fantastic book that should be owned by anybody; this is because it will provoke and challenge your thoughts and that is a quality which is brilliant. That is why I have no choice but to award this book five stars because it is inspiring, informative, and incredible!

THE NEW HUMANS, Charol Messenger


NEW WAVES OF VISIONARIES are in life to serve: all peoples, nations, and societies. They are solvers, in all endeavors, including: inventors, scientists, engineers, researchers, protectors, physicians, teachers, artists, healers, humanitarians, visionaries, innovators, intuitives – bringing us new treatments and new answers in science and technology, economy and education. They care for the children, animals, the earth and the seas. Predictions to 3500 A.D. include:

~ A new antibody, cure for Alzheimer’s, cancer dismantled, increased brain capacity, and activated dormant DNA ~ A new energy source, restoring earth’s ozone layer, corporate telepathic communication, and space travel ~ Time faster, interdimensional collaboration, and extraterrestrial contact.

We are in a collective shift of intention – to protect all under our care. Despite social chaos, we are actually in a magnanimous shift – an individual and global spiritual awakening.

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