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True story: Moving Strong Winds

Katie to Charol: “We’ve had significant winds [Wyoming]. Last night was kinda scary – dark clouds, whistling wind, etc. I was pretty nervous. So I decided to use what I read in the workbook [Intuition for Every Day] about calling forth help and redirecting the weather. I held my hands up (which I immediately felt get warm) and invoked the universe to shield our home and property – I saw a bubble around us and it glowed blue. I asked for help from the angels and it only took a couple minutes, and then like you said in the book – you just let it go and knew it would be okay. While I was in the process of doing this, I could hear the wind diminishing and when I went back in the living room – it literally had stopped! My hands get warm when I do Reiki, but I don’t usually feel it – the person receiving it does. So that was really neat. I just had to share!! I’m loving the workbook so far!!!” Katie Allen, reiki master, secretary by day

Charol: “Of course they did… You are powerful (a shaman) (intuitive ‘knowing’)… As for me, flu… Forest fire here, air filled with smoke. I was going out today, otherwise nice weather 😉 so guess not! (poor air quality).”

Katie: “I just got an email from FEMA about fire down there [Colorado], I’m sending energy there too. Sending you healing energy! Xxoo. Oh, and I was one of those that sent energy to that hurricane on the east coast [last year] – so many family members live there. I remember telling my mom that a bunch of us were sending energy to dissipate it before it got there…. I don’t know that she believed me, but I KNOW we had an effect!”

Charol: “I know we did, too. It was the only time I felt ‘prompted’ to do something like that… I’m sure it made a difference (intuitive ‘knowing’).”

Katie: “Goosebumps on the shaman comment. I’m studying shamanism!”

Charol: “Oh, wow…. hahaha. I must have ‘gotten’ that as an affirmation for you. You do know that all this ‘intuitive’ ‘channeled’ stuff is merely tapping into the consciousness….  Plugging into you, your whole self. Ancient Woman. Yes, we live in an era when [personal shamanism] will be needed more and more.”

~ ~ ~

Also see on this blog (and included in Intuition for Every Day) true stories on: Averting a Forest Fire, Moving a Tornado, Moving a Hurricane, Moving a Flashflood.

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Humanity is in an evolutionary genetic leap, right now, the second only since humanity began. The new 26,500-year Cosmic Age onset with the 2011 autumnal equinox. Copyright 2011-2012, all contents, in whole and in part, every phrase and every singular word, by Charol Messenger.

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