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Humanity's Magnificent Future

The 21st Century and Beyond


Kairos Crystal Award 2019

from Preach the Word Worldwide Network


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Member Best Selling Authors Association 2020

Honoree of Marquis Who's Who in America, 2020

Fifteen book awards

International 2 First Place, 3 Second Place

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Charol Messenger


"How to Live Stress Free ... and Make Magic Happen"


#1 International Best Seller 2020

Cracking the Rich Code

Vol. I

with Jim Britt, Kevin Harrington

commentary by Tony Robbins

Global Spirituality Expert Charol Messenger Best-Selling Author 2020


Best-Selling Author in spirituality 2020 and Member Best Selling Authors Association - Global Spirituality Expert, Charol Messenger is an honoree of Marquis Who's Who in America 2020.  Fifteen book awards include 5 international First Place and Second Place. All of her books are hopeful, inspiring, and nondenominational.  They bridge spirituality, metaphysical and religious thought, and are for all ages.​

Charol Messenger's life motto is, "Live by the still, small voice within." She shares her own personal stories, and helps others realize the power of this innate inborn gift that every person has. ​“We are all born with the innate ability to know what to do, in any situation,” Charol writes. “We all can learn to accept and trust our innate instincts.”


Why the spirituality genre? “Spirituality is seeing the whole,” Charol adds, “seeing all as one, all as a part of a universal consciousness, all peoples, animals, the earth and waters. Spirituality is universal and nondenominational. Spirituality is not a religion. It comes from inside and is innate in every person. It is means living our best self every day.”

Heartfelt and down-to-earth, Charol shares her life lessons, techniques, and epiphanies since her sudden life-changing mystical event in 1975, when she saw the potential and true hearts of all humanity. Readers say Messenger’s writings are most similar to Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, David R. Hawkins, James Redfield, Gina Lake. ​

A featured co-author in Jim Britt’s #1 International Best Seller Cracking the Rich Code, Vol. I, with Kevin Harrington and endorsed by Tony Robbins, Messenger’s chapter “How to Live Stress Free” catapulted her to Best Selling Author status. She wrote how trusting her inborn instincts had saved her dozens of times from turbulent impending troubles, such as preventing a tornado from heading toward her home, another time a flash flood, avoiding auto crashes, safely retrieving her lost puppy, even knowing when it was time to quit that job—only, afterwards, having the epiphany on how, now, to earn a living. And it worked. 

A spirituality teacher since 1977, in classes and one-on-one, Charol has counseled more than 73,000 individuals on how simply and easily to live from their own higher self. She has reached 100,000 readers through her three global TV interviews in 2019 with Preach the Word Worldwide Network on their “Book of the Month” show, for her two critically acclaimed new books IN JESUS’ WORDS, TODAY: Humanity’s Magnificent Future (Kairos Crystal Award, Preach the Word) and her flagship title HUMANITY 2.0: The New Humanity (5 awards include Shining Stars from Preach the Word 2019 and Second Place Canada 2016).

Charol's dozens of in-depth personal stories and techniques are in these national award-winners: Intuition for Every Day, how to be at peace in our fast changing world, her workbook of 45 years, and Wings of Light: The Four Angels Who Guide You. Further epiphanies are elaborated on in First Place Winner (Europe 2017) The New Humans: Second Genesis (also Second place Canada 2017, and sequel to Humanity 2.0). And First Place Winner (Canada 2016) You 2.0: Living Your Infinite Self, sequel to national award-winner The Soul Path: Being Fully Conscious, in everyday life.  ​ 


Charol Messenger reveals how she learned to know what to do in any situation, and how it is an inborn ability in everyone: How to trust the inborn instinct we all have, which has always guided her to the right life choices. Charol shares: How the insights and instincts feel, how to recognize them, and how to know what to do; how we can be content with who we are, despite our flaws, and not sweat the small stuff, or at least let it go when we get frustrated; how we can achieve personal clarity and real inner contentment and self-forgiveness, and how each of us is a part of something greater than ourselves, that when we strive to reach our higher potential we are being who we were born to be.  

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1 best THUMBNAIL HUMANITY2  2nd Ed  2018

Humanity 2.0

The New Humanity

5 awards! 2 international

Book signing NYC June 2019

Global TV interview May 2019

1 BEST THUMBNAIL The New Humans messenge

The New Humans

Second Genesis

1st Place Winner 2017 Intl.

2nd Place Winner 2017 Intl.

You 2.0.jpg

You 2.0

Living Your Infinite Self

1st Place Winner 2016 Intl.

1 Best THUMBNAIL Soul Path  2018 Jan16 3

The Soul Path

Being Fully Conscious

National Finalist 2015

12 chapters Denver magazine

1 2018 Best Thumbnail WINGS.jpg

Wings of Light

The Four Angels Who Guide You

National Finalist 2012

6 chapters Denver magazine

1 BEST THUMBNAIL Intuition 2017 update.j

Intuition for Every Day

Spirituality Master Guide

National Finalist 2012

Drawn from

Master Clairvoyant

workshops over 44 years

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2016 1ST PLACE WINNER GLOBALLY in international competition - You 2.0: Living Your Infinite Self - personal growth and development, to be Higher Self conscious.

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