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1 Best THUMBNAIL Soul Path  2018 Jan16 3

The Soul Path

Master Workbook

on Being Fully Conscious



Book 1 the "Living Your Higher Self" Series


National Finalist USA Best Books in Spirituality  6x9 quality pb, 194p

Reader Reviews

“Masterfully written how-to handbook for the soul.” 


“Timely guide to spiritual practice.” 


Reader in the Bronx, New York: “I felt a sense of the grandeur of the spiritual path, a sense of its rhythm and pace, and this was valuable to me as I am often impatient. I was better able to see the journey as an epic adventure rather than a means to an end.”


John S. Brennan, Founding Dean of Denver's Regis University School for Professional Studies: “A timely guide to spiritual realization and practice, which cuts to the essence of one’s development, especially the early stages. Emphasis on process, with stages easy to follow and relate to. Constantly inviting the reader to choose more, such as to choose one’s true destiny. Suggested practices are practical with rich exhortations and questions. Loaded with cautions about false prophets and specific criteria on how to recognize true voices. Profoundly simple to read and reread as needed. An ongoing guide.”


Barbara Munson, author: “We as humans find it hard to change, tenaciously holding onto our old ways. We know something is missing from our lives, but resent others telling us what we must do to find it. That is why The Soul Path works. Without preaching or belittling, it authoritatively lays out the way—complete with guideposts and cautions—to finding inner peace, leaving us emboldened and eager to embark on our own spiritual journey.”


Aurelia Tara, Teacher of Light: “The Soul Path is truly inspirational! The content is passionately and beautifully written. It resonates within my heart and surely will resonate with all others who read it. I really find it to be inspired and brilliant! This ‘how-to handbook for the soul’ is a masterfully written practical guide for spiritual growth, a demonstration of the divine process of physical manifestation, a testimony to the love and grace ever ready to assist when our heart’s desire is to serve Creator and Creation. I am most enthusiastic about the simplicity of the truth so eloquently expressed here. This book was truly a delight to read, and I will want to go back over it to savor all the delicious practical advice that lies therein.”

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