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“Thank you for such a powerful, positive and reinforcing reading!!” ~ Leah Kahn, Chicago IL


"Hi, Charol. You did a reading once a few years ago and you were very accurate." ~ Jim, Colorado Springs, CO, Sept. 2016


“Charol Messenger is Celebration’s senior intuitive reader and channel. For years and years, she has used her empathy and ‘fast mind’ to help people transition from old habits to a new planetary outlook on life.” – Shanti Toll, August 2012, owner of Celebration Metaphysical Fairs 1979-2012


Nov. 23, 2016, from Barb – “It's a sad day at my next door neighbor's ... the husband (a doctor) was diagnosed with cancer a while back. It spread. Today they have brought him home from the hospital in an ambulance, to die at home. I hope he has many angels surrounding him.”

Nov. 23, 2016, email reply to my dear friend – “Oh, my…. Yes, and his family, and pets. Very close, yes. I ‘see’ the stairway to heaven for him, rose on his heart, beloveds crying at his bedside, a lot of love around him. beings of light (bright illuminating light) surrounding him. Yes, it is his time. A great soul.” – Charol

Nov. 25, 2016 - ‘Thanks so much for that beautiful vision about my neighbor dying. He passed on Thanksgiving morning [11/24]. Your particular vision is so meaningful.” ~ Barbara Munson, Denver CO 


“Something wonderful happened to me yesterday. I had a reading by Charol in which I asked about my daughter’s career and also about my old crippled dog. Her insights were brilliant as well as commonsense. Sometimes we need to be reminded what’s important to us and what we should be doing with our lives, but Charol provides more than just reminders. Her wisdom is life-changing. My daughter, a scientist, who I expected to be a non-believer, embraced Charol’s suggestions. Well, why not? Science and spirituality go hand in hand! Thanks, Charol!” ~ Barbara Munson

"Charol Messenger is not only a gifted writer, she's also a sensitive clairvoyant and 'soul path' reader who helps with those large life decisions. She helped me through my own 'trauma drama' of the last ex. Thank you, Charol! ♡♡♡♡♡" ~ Melodie Hawkins, Denver CO


“Dearest Charol: I am beyond grateful for the channeling. My heart is expanded with so much love I can barely contain it. Thank you for the confirmation. I will read what you’ve suggested. I have many memories of Lemuria and Atlantis lifetimes. Also, an astrologer once told me I was from Orion. I knew I was directed to you this morning! There are no coincidences! Many blessings to you. I know I will be in touch. In Love and Light" - Maria Elena, Miami, Florida


“Hi Charol, about ten years ago, during a session at the Denver Merchandise Mart, you told me that you saw me working with ‘old people’. Since that time, I left the high-tech corporate world and started computer consulting with small businesses and home offices. I got referrals to clients parents, too. I found that I love working with the Seniors. I am now a real estate broker and I specialize in Seniors, and their housing options when they want to down size or go into a more ‘assisted’ situation. How interesting. I hope you are well!" ~ Randy Trahan


“Charol did a reading for me yesterday and I am still buzzing with excitement because of how she was able to bring forth answers to questions I’ve had about myself and my path in this world. Not only did she provide new information, but also assuaged my fears and confirmed what I’ve had in my mind about how to bring my work to the world. If you’ve ever considered having a reading from a clairvoyant, I would recommend Charol WITHOUT hesitation!!!” – Katie Allen, Sundance, Wyoming


“I had the pleasure of sitting in on some of the seminars [at Celebration Metaphysical Fair]. One especially moved me, Charol Messenger, she was inspiring and the quotes she read from her books made so much sense. If you are not familiar with Charol, she is the author of many books, Wings of Light, Humanity 2.0. She has helped many writers and has been in the metaphysical world for over 30 years. Afterwards I had a mini-reading from Charol, and I had one particular question in mind, the reason I came back to Denver, the real reason. As she gave the reading, she talked about all the Spirits that were around me encouraging me, having my back on this very special mission. I was so moved I almost cried. A special Thanks Charol. You most definitely inspired me in many ways.” – Margie D Casados, Social Media Healing Arts Consultant, Denver CO

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