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This overview may include - your higher purpose and strengths, why you are here, life lessons. Additional information and responses to questions are in-sync with these initial perceptions.

Topics and questions may include 

(focus on 1 to 4 per appointment):

  • Life decisions, changes, next steps 

  • Whether to do something or not, be somewhere or not

  • Children (aptitudes, potentials)

  • Pets (how they feel, what they want)

  • Service path (career, education)

  • Bullies, liars, manipulators

  • Soul contract and commitments

  • Past lives (those that relate to your current life, aptitudes, talents, life lessons)

  • Dreams, visions, paranormal experiences

  • Spiritual awakening (kundalini, soul merge, oversoul, your spiritual evolution)

  • Spiritual protection (how to be safe, premonitions, forebodings; weather, life events, people)

  • Recognizing cults vs. authentic teachers of light who teach you how to help yourself

  • Angels, spiritual guides, ascended teachers who guide you and work with you

  • Life after death, spiritual planes

If you are with an abusive partner - emotional, verbal or physical - seek professional help. Is this where you really want to be?  

Prior to your reading - Charol bonds with your Higher Self and the angels who guide you. You may wish to meditate before the reading to enhance your intuition.


During the reading - Charol is deep in the focus, in the empathic-intuitive flow. This is not a conversation. Please do not interrupt. Allow Charol to stay in the focus, so that you receive the best insights. She will invite you to ask questions at certain times throughout the reading.

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