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Messenger's Award-Winning Visionary Books!

New Messages of Hope are now being received as of 9/18/18 in the vibration of the autumnal equinox. YouTube at: New Messages of Hope, The New Humanity Messenger


Charol Messenger spontaneously awakened to Cosmic Consciousness in 1975. As of 9/18/18 she is receiving all new Messages of Hope on the new generations of leaders and visionaries, The New Humanity, the New Humans, and living our Higher Selves.


International award-winning spirituality author, visionary and futurist, Messenger now shares in LIVE VIDEOS her BRAND NEW MESSAGES from the Universal I AM Consciousness. All of the writings contain original master teachings, guided visualizations and meditations. Topics also include: spiritual development, the new cosmic age, fourth-dimension physical, the New Earth, activated DNA, fifth-dimension consciousness, spiritual leadership, being teachers of light, and prophecies - And Charol's powerful personal stories of protection and guidance. Charol is also a certified clear channel of the Spiritual Hierarchy (1983) and a certified lightworker (1990).


IN THIS NEW VLOG, topics include:

(1) THE NEW HUMANITY GENERATION — The New Humanity Generation is all those born since 1970, especially all those born since 2001. The millennials and the children are The New Humans. They are Humanity 2.0. They are here to help humanity and the planet. They are the ones with the vision and the new insights. Heed them. They are the hope of the world. ~ THIS IS A MAJOR TOPIC in all of the writings. ~ We are more conscious NOW than ever before in human history. And we are in an evolutionary leap. Despite all the chaos around us – actually humanity IS evolving, both spiritually and physically. ~ All of the insights on THE NEW HUMANITY were first received 1982, again 1994. First published 2000, again 2001. Updated 2012. Second Edition 2018.


(2) THE NEW COSMIC AGE — We are in the new Cosmic Age now. The onset of this new 26,500- year cycle began with the autumnal equinox September 22, 2011, at which time “the veil was lifted” - and everyone has direct access to the Divine. All of my books discuss this spectacular "transcension" that all of humanity is now in and what it means for us, our roles, our responsibilities, and the changes both to the human body and mind as well as the planet. The main books on this topic THE NEW HUMANS: SECOND GENESIS and HUMANITY 2.0: THE NEW HUMANITY. Both include prophecies as well as spiritual insights and higher wisdom.


(3) ANGELS — Angels write my books. May 5, 1982 they woke me in the middle of the night, saying that I had signed a contract with my soul to write these books. I groggily dragged myself upright in bed, and began receiving the first of many books. ~ ~ Angels are all about us, in great numbers, both embodied and those Always in the Light. Angels help us every day. Who they are and why they help us is the topic of one of my series of books, starting with WINGS OF LIGHT (then WALKING WITH ANGELS, in production). The Angels of Serendipity (highest clan, nearest to the I AM Source) write most if not all of my book materials (book in production, ANGELS OF SERENDIPITY).


(4) HIGHER SELF MESSAGES OF HOPE ARE WRITTEN IN DEEP MEDITATION — My spontaneous, unplanned and unexpected awakening to cosmic consciousness in 1975 activated insights and universal knowledge from my Oversoul/Higher Self. I receive direct information—word for word—from my oversoul, ascended masters, and the angels. All of the first six books were received in my own voice and my own point of view, making them easy to read and comprehend.


(5) MEDITATION — The value of being still – and finding inner stillness in whatever way works for us – is the primary tool we have for centering when stressed, recalibrating whenever needed, and reaching our own higher consciousness in that moment – even if only a moment of surrender in stillness. Being still is the most important life skill we can acquire. This is taught in all of my books, especially my lifetime workbook INTUITION FOR EVERY DAY, with original techniques and stories.


(6) HEARING THE DIVINE — I write all of these books and materials (and vlog scripts) through hearing the divine inner voice. Most of the books discuss how to do this, how to learn, how to be still, and how to discern. In particular, THE SOUL PATH and INTUITION FOR EVERY DAY.


(7) LIFE IS A BLESSING — When we live our truth every day. When we heed the inner urgings of our soul guiding us to serve, to give, to share our talents.

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