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Messenger's Award-Winning Spirituality Books!
Messengers books at INATS show 2018 Denve

INATS June 2018 Denver

The Messenger Books


These award-winning visionary books elevate self-awareness and understanding your place in the world. You see who you were born to be and are motivated to live it. These higher teachings inspire your heart and activate your higher awareness to fully live who you were born to be.

13 awards, 5 international, 2 First Place: The New Humans and You 2.0

International award-winning visionary author and futurist, Charol Messenger writes on:
The new generations of leaders and visionaries, born since the 1970s and 2001 - with activated DNA - resulting in an improved "fourth-dimension physical" body and brain - and a strong motivation to be of service to humanity and the planet. (Also accessible in people who activate their higher awareness.) This is the primary topic of The New Humans: Second Genesis.
Both The New Humans and Humanity 2.0: The New Humanity reveal humanity's spiritual awakening, including the full meaning and impact of the new cosmic age we are now in (since September 22, 2011). Both books include predictions, beyond 3500 A.D.
You 2.0: Living Your Infinite Self and The Soul Path: Being Fully Conscious reveal formulas for spiritual development, spiritual leadership, being a teacher of light, discernment, and the inner voice. Both include predictions and meditations.
Intuition for Every Day is a master clairvoyant's workbook of 44 years, with 130 original beginner-to-advanced meditations, visualizations and techniques, including natural spiritual protection in all circumstances.
Wings of Light: The Four Angels Who Guide You reveals who they are and how to connect with them. One chapter is a powerful technique on safeguarding and returning a lost loved one, including beloved pet.
New book (2019): The Fifth Consciousness: Attitude of Service (spirituality on how to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually well). This is fifth-dimension awareness in those who seek to help others. 
The messenger author is now receiving teachings direct from the Christ Consciousness of Ascended Master Jesus (eternal name Sananda): THE JESUS CHRONICLES - Letters from Jesus, 2019 (Jan 13-Feb 22): Grace and Gratitude. Letters from Jesus, 2019 (Feb 23-Mar 23): Return of All the Saints. Letters from Jesus, 2019 (Mar 25-...) (many more) plus - The Fifth Consciousness: An Attitude of Service (in final proof 2019). THESE BOOKS DIRECTLY FROM JESUS 2019 ARE - 
Be the first to hear these messages from Jesus to the world!
Print and Kindle available after completing each book on air.
“I loved your book! It was genuinely incredible and I really enjoyed every moment of it. Your writing is stellar.” Aimee Ann, Red Headed Book Lover Blog June 2018 - 5 Stars! The New Humans  First Place Winner in International Soul-Bridge Book Awards of Europe. And 5 Stars! for Humanity 2.0: The New Humanity, July 2018. And 5 Stars for You 2.0, First Place Winner Book Excellence Awards

To-date: Wings of Light, The Soul Path, You 2.0, Humanity 2.0, The New Humans, Intuition for Every Day

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