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The Future Is Bright


The future is bright. Humanity is still learning to be generous of spirit—but will. And many already have.


We are in a New World. As the old resists, the new hearts and minds bring not only talents and new visionary abilities, to solve humanity’s problems. They also are born with strength of will and courage.


As they rise into their own voices—they rise with wisdom. They see all. They see far. And they hold not back. They are unafraid.


They walk in Light. They live as angels on Earth. With kindness—yet firm resolve. With aspirations—grounded in reality.


These new hearts and minds are the generations born now and since the 1970s, and the generations to come.


This century and the next are yet filled with turmoil—but also with strength of will in goodness. For the new generations are strong in goodness and goodwill. They carry the Light within and spread it all around them.


We are now living in the days of the New World. This is the New Earth birthing. Let us each remain hopeful and optimistic. Let us remain sure and steadfast as we live and work for a better life—for all.


All persons, of all races, of all beliefs, are a part of the one body of humanity. Each of us matters. Each voice is needed. Let us each do our part to spread hope throughout the world. Through our actions. Through our words.


For now is the New World—of the New Humanity. Let us be so. As we are capable. And let us befriend every other and be not afraid.


For the angels surround us. And live among us. And walk with us, and speak into our hearts.


It is time, humanity. It is time to be our best selves.  



© 2018 Charol Messenger

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