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Messenger's Award-Winning Spirituality Books!

First Place Winner! 2016

YOU 2.0: Living Your Infinite Self

  • International First Place Winner! Book Excellence Awards 2016 in Personal Growth. SECOND EDITION 2018. Book 2 of the “Living Your Higher Self” Series.

    YOU 2.0 is a Higher Self Initiation and Integration Master Workbook, for all who are seeking higher consciousness and your path of higher service. Teachings and exercises include:


    • The Higher Self Initiation process.
    • Higher Self integration processes for current-life upgrade (merging your Higher Self consciousness into your personality, aka “soul merge” “oversoul merge”).
    • The formula for connecting with your Higher Self and your place in the world as a leader and teacher of light.
    • The purpose of life’s lessons.
    • Stories of how our choices determine consequences.
    • Attitudes and behaviors to clear.
    • Practices to come into balance.


    Every person on earth has direct access to the Divine. Unlike in all the ages past, all knowledge, wisdom and insight are available to everyone, not only to an excepted few. You, too, have that direct access. It is through the Higher Self.


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    6x9 quality pb, 222p

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