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THE SOUL PATH: Being Fully Conscious

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  • Masterfully written ‘handbook for the soul’.” ~ Aurelia Tara, spiritual teacher. “The essence of one’s development.” ~ John Brennan.


    Book 1 of the “Living Your Higher Self” Series. THIRD EDITION 2018. National Finalist USA Best Books in Spirituality.


    THE SOUL PATH is a Master Workbook on how to be fully conscious and how to live the spiritual life in a world filled with constant challenges.


    Meditations, personal anecdotes, and practical insights and guidance reveal:


    • The path to becoming fully soul conscious — and the rhythm of the journey.
    • How to know the inner voice is not your own thoughts — and the stages of hearing the divine inner counselor.
    • How to recognize liars, manipulators, cults, and false prophets — and how to recognize true teachers of Light.
    • The ten new Universal Laws for all humanity, all peoples, all nations, all cultures.
    • Humanity’s unique origin, destiny, and connection to the angels.


    Accessing your soul consciousness awakens your heart aspirations and insight to fulfill your unique life purpose and talents.


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    6x9 quality pb, 194p

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