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INTUITION FOR EVERYDAY: Your Spirituality Master Guide

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  • "Celebration's senior intuitive reader... For years and years, she used her empathy and ‘fast mind’ to help people.” ~ Shanti Toll, Celebration Metaphysical Fairs, owner 1979-2012


    “A must-have for navigating these tumultuous times.” ~ Judith Yarrow-Lawn, Holistic Teacher


    Book 3 of the “Living Your Higher Self” Series. SECOND EDITION 2018. National Finalist USA Best Books in New Age Nonfiction.


    INTUITION FOR EVERY DAY is a clairvoyant’s Master Workbook of 44 years, with 130 original beginner-to-advanced techniques, guided meditations and visualizations to show you:


    • How to know when you’re in danger and how to protect yourself
    • How to inner hear and how to know it isn’t your own thoughts
    • How to inner see and the meanings of inner-vision symbols and metaphors
    • How to know when someone is trouble or can be trusted.


    A Higher Self clairvoyant, empath, and urban shaman (recalled from past lives), Charol also shares 29 personal anecdotes on how all of these methods have helped her; including protection from catastrophic weather, as well as safeguarding and finding her lost dog.


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    6x9 quality pb, 214p 

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