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Messenger's Award-Winning Visionary Books!

The New Humanity Author, Charol Messenger writes and publishes to bring hope and inspiration to readers of all ages in all nations.


Charol’s six titles (to date) have three themes, each a different book series: angels, living your higher self, and humanity’s spiritual awakening. She writes that we are in a magnanimous shift in self-awareness, globally. That the new humanity, the new humans, are generous of spirit and live to serve, in all industries.


Thirteen book awards include two International First Place Winners: The New Humans in “Spiritual Awakening of Humanity” Soul-Bridge Awards of Europe 2017 (announced 1-29-18), and You 2.0 in “Personal Growth” Book Excellence Awards 2016; plus Second Place Book Excellence Award for Humanity 2.0 (sole Finalist in “Spirituality” 2016).


All six titles published January 2018: Second Editions for Humanity 2.0, The Soul Path, You 2.0, and Intuition for Every Day; and Updates for The New Humans (2017) and Wings of Light.


Readers and reviewers all over the U.S., Canada, Scotland and England write, “Inspiring! Uplifting!” Kirkus Review: “Helpful, gentle, practical illumination for the spiritual seeker.”


The New Humanity Author, Charol Messenger writes to uplift the human heart and spirit, through her unique and original voice and vision. She came into this heightened awareness in 1975, not through seeking it but through a spontaneous shift in consciousness, through deep meditations and the heart-intention to use her talents for the good of all.

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