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Walking with Angels

Charol Messenger’s newest book!

Review: “Oh, my girl,  I have been wrapped in enchantment and wonder all afternoon. I am almost finished, but it is after six and the natives have been restless. The neighbor has brought over polish vodka, and the stereo has just been cranked up. Simultaneously, my computer shut down, so it must be time to join the party — but please know now that the words in this book are so beautifully laced among the pages! I feel I have entered a sacred and magical place. I’ve been enchanted as I poured through the words. This is a beautiful invitation into knowing what is already in my heart and soul. It took me longer to read because I kept writing excerpts on my notepad, because so many exquisite phrases brought me chills. It made me cry, it is so eloquent! I love it so very much! Thank you, Charol!” – Claudia Edge, hospice volunteer, realtor, seeker, Colorado Springs CO

REVIEW: “What I love about this book is the many reassurances that angels are indeed among us and that we are of the angels. As someone who has experienced the grace and presence of angels in my life, I was transformed deeper into my feelings and given a greater sense of peace. Learning more about our essence and our beginnings gave me many moments of clarity and joy.” – Katie Allen, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, secretary by day, Sundance WY

Jacket: Angels are active in every walk of our lives. They work beside us in every moment of our days, outpouring their devotion to us. They interact with us on a very personal level. They are instrumental to our increasing mental capacity and our deepening introspection, spiritually and emotionally. Through our inner knowing self, we are able to perceive the angels’ loving presence, from which we gain strength and the wherewithal to focus on our goals. The angels expand our awakening process and inspire us to be in service. From their pure vibrational being, as they are pure light, they influence us to seek and live from the awareness of our Higher Self.

Currently, we are being surrounded by an extraordinary number of angels. They are flooding the world with their enthusiasm and hope. Blessed are we who have felt the touch of such a being in our lives. It can seem ordinary, but it is not. And we know it by the after-effect on our attitudes, our choices, and the direction in which we grow.

“The day arrives when individually we touch the hem of God and that cloth reshapes us and gives us new breath. . . .”

First edition – on KINDLE only. Available to purchase here.  $4.99

(Close personal friend – if you do not yet have a Kindle and want this book, email me …)

Charol Messenger is an award-winning editor and author of nonfiction books, memoirs, narrative nonfiction, spirituality, poetry, and fiction. Founder of the Books for Iraq charity and international newsletter Global Citizen, Charol also has a B.A. in English, philosophy, and world religions from the University of Colorado, 1985.

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