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Video: Archangel Michael, The Pleiadians – 5D Phase In is now

This is me. It moves my being. I feel its truth, based on all that I have been writing and receiving since 1975. In particular, in my 2017 book The New Humans: Second Genesis, and book one in that series Humanity 2.0: The New Humanity, and now close to publishing The Fifth Consciousness: An Attitude of Service, which is our fifth dimensional awareness. I am so deeply moved by the synchronicity of coming across this video, that I have subscribed, because I want more. I was told (by inner voice) in the beginning of my Higher Self writings (1982) that my origin as a physical being was in the Pleiades, as were most (if not all) physical beings, out of the Great Void. If this is also you – hello Star Sister, Star Brother. We are here to serve. And now the world is indeed in Change.

VIDEO AT YOUTUBE  YouTube: Charol Messenger Visionary Author   Category: People and Blogs

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