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U.S. Healthcare Law Upholds

from the Infinite Consciousness                         

“Europe’s new economic strategy brings stability globally. The U.S. economy grows incrementally, in spurts. The U.S. healthcare plan is safe. It is not scrapped.

“It is, however, dismantled, with a strident reprimand. As a result will be: continued coverage of children, continued coverage of preexisting, and 90 percent of the same regulations.

“What changes is how it is paid for. This will be restructured, but not discarded. The formula is generally accepted, except with stricter mandates upon the government bodies; individuals will be required to be covered, but without penalty and not as a hardship in cost. The costs will be prorated to income level, so affordable. The coverage will be full, making the new mandate language more tolerant and less restrictive.

“This shift in requirements will take five years to reformulate. The existing laws from the health plan will sustain. 5 to 4 in favor, with advisement on rewriting the language so that there is not an enforced penalty if not purchased; merely required for any healthcare service rendered.

“This healthcare law will be modified, not disrupted. It will merely be less harsh. It will be more applicable regardless of individual circumstances. People will not be imprisoned or fined for lack of coverage; however, to receive service, one will need to carry the coverage. No one will be denied urgent care. The mandate will cover all preexisting and preventive care doctor visits.

“No one need fear a loss of services, nor an exorbitant cost. Fees will be harmonized so that each person’s cost will be a fraction based on annual income. A judgment of 5 to 4 with an advised restructuring of the language. The law upholds.”

 ~ ~ ~

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