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THE NEW HUMANS – table of contents

Introduction – Overview — The New Cosmic Age — December 22, 2012 — What Is in The New Humans: Second Genesis? — Who Are the New Humans?

Chapter 1 – The New Humans

The Time Is Now – Who You Were Born to Be — “Awakening of the Pristine Mind” — This Century, This Millennium

Who Are the New Humans? – Those Born Since 1975: Healers, Protectors — Children’s Wisdom Ages 3 to 14 — Care for the Children: First, Above All Else — Help the Young Adults Build Social Solutions — Those Born Since 1975: Expanding Intuition — Those Born Since 2001: Larger Occipital Lobe, Bright New Minds — Indicators of the New Human

Chapter 2 – Coming Into the New Earth

Our Changing Earth – Can We Preserve Our Earth? Is There Still Time? — The Earth Is Shouting, Hear Me!  — The Oceans Are the Lifeblood of Humanity — Earth Shifts, the Waters, Air Streams, Magnetic Zones — Social, Political, and Geological Earthquakes — Earth Nexus — How Can You Remain Safe? — To Direct Nature — Safe Zones — To Release Anxiety: Breathe

Chapter 3 – Coming Into Our Next Body, Mind, and Brain

Human Species Upgrade – Enhanced Body and Brain Started in the 1970s — Body and Brain Undergoing Rudimentary Shifts — Enhanced Genetic Strengths and Aptitudes — What Are We?

Awakened Brain – The New Mystics — Activated Brain Electrodes = New Neuro Pathways — Imagination = Increased Brain Power — Magnetic Vibrational Energy Waves: Transforming Mental Abilities — The Brain’s Expanded Capacity

Expanded Mind – Mind Envelops Our Whole Being — Mind’s Power Over the Body — Mind Envelops the Brain and Body

Our Next Physical Body – Next Dimensional Physical Body Lighter, Less Dense — Elements of a Fourth-Dimension Physical Body (A New Antibody, Transcends Degenerative Diseases, Aging Process Reverses, Longer Life Cycle, Increased Brain Power, Internal Body Changes, Telepathic Hearing, Clairvoyant Seeing, Emotional Flow) — Ways We Destroy Our Body — Ways to Heal Our Body — Ways to Be in a Fourth-Dimension Physical Body — Our Etheric Bodies Regenerate Our Physical Body

Chapter 4 – Coming Into Alpha Consciousness

Alpha Consciousness – The Fabric of Existence: Consciousness — Our Thoughts Affect All Lives — A Shift in Consciousness —We Have Crossed the Threshold

Psychic Intuition – Telepathy — The Gateway Is Now Open — Heightened Senses — 21st Century Humanity’s Training Period — The Phases Toward Heightened Senses (Phase One: Innate Intuition, Phase Two: Body’s Senses, Phase Three: “Sixth Sense”)

Chapter 5 – Coming Into a New Global Society

Socio-Political Chaos – Global Paradigm Shift — Global Cultures Growing a Conscience — We Are Not Our Forebears Who Destroyed Everyone and Everything in Their Wake — This Century in this Constantly Changing World — How Can We Heal the Rampant Warring Emotions? — Let Us Be Their Champions — Crises are The New Humanity Emerging

Discerning Truth from Lie – What Kind of World Do We Want? — Think for Ourselves — How Can You Know What Is Truth vs. a Lie? — How Can You Know What Is Really Being Said? — How Can You Know Who They Really Are? — All Who Believe in Freedom — Peaceful Warriors — The Centuries Ahead — The Next 10,000 Years

The New Sciences – Restoring Earth’s Ozone Layer — The New Energy Source — Ether: A Source of Energy — Quasar Beams: Solar Electricity Globally, Healing Body and Brain — Cure for Alzheimer’s — Cloning

Predictions – New Tools of Communication — Commerce and Economics — Political Arenas and Religious Freedom — Education and Learning — Medicine and Holistic Healing (Healing the Body, Healing the Planet) — Communities — Psychic Technology (Off-World Telepathic Communication, Corporate Telepathic Communication) — Our Changing Global Society

Chapter 6 – Coming Into the Next Physical Dimension – The Transcension

We Are Multi-Dimensional – The Universe Is Multiple Layers — Hormonal Activation to the Full Human — Empathy Is the Growth Hormone of the New Human — Paradigm Shift: Empathy

Before the Big Bang – Multiple Universes — Time — Dark Energy, Dark Matter

Beyond the Mayan Prophecy – Humanity’s Growing Kindness — The Transfiguration — Birth of Peace in the Heart — Bi-Millennial Cosmic Alignment — The Milky Way Stretch — Upleveling into the Physical Dimension Called Full Presence

The New Cosmic Age – Age of Compassion — Signs of Our Increasing Compassion — Activated Dormant DNA — New Human DNA, Human Species Evolving — Evolving Human DNA and the Healers: Physicians, Teachers, Artists — Activated Dormant DNA Molecule String — The Veil Has Been Lifted — Our Direct Link to God

Humanity: Phase Two (Humanity 2.0) – Transcending Emotionally and Physically — The Milky Way Rift — Genetic Evolution of the Human Race (Phase One, Phase Two) — Changed Position to the Sun — We Are in The Quickening — Live in Your Own Rhythm

Chapter 7 – The Future Is Now

The Second Genesis – Humanity’s Transcension — Humanity Becoming a Higher Species

The Quickening – The World Does Not End — The Quickening Arises

How Time Is Transmuting – The NOW = Mental Fluidity — A Time Shift — Molding Time and Space — Elements of Third-Dimension Time — Methods to Transmute Third-Dimension Time — Unified Principle for Being in Third-Dimension Time

The Cosmic Gateway – Our Cosmic Elders — The Seven Speaking to Humanity — Humanity and Earth in a Waving Dimensional Shift = The Quickening — Joining the Galactic Federation — Humanity Being Prepared to Join the Intergalactic Foundation — 2025


~ ~ ~

Copyright 2017 Charol Messenger. THE NEW HUMANS: SECOND GENESIS.

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