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Spiritual Tsunami

The ENERGY happening right now. Along with many others (I’ve discovered on Facebook), I had a vicious headache since Jan. 3rd. THEN magic started on the 6th. PEAKED on the 9th. HUGE energy driving me since the 7th.

As of the 10th, suddenly a huge expansion came to me – for my books’ VISIBILITY worldwide. Then on the 13th, a huge New connection (unexpected) spiritually channeling not just my Higher Self, as always before.

I was wakened at 3:30 a.m. – by the Christ Consciousness of Ascended Master Jesus, eternal name Sananda. He said, “Jesus here.” I got up, went to my meditation room, and received the first message.

I am still in awe, and incredibly grateful. My only goal is to do well by him and his messages to humanity, now pouring forth. Again on the 14th and today the 15th. Maybe for a second book. I will post on YouTube (soon).

I am currently finishing my first book from Jesus – The Fifth Consciousness: An Attitude of Service. Though I received it 1989, I was busy editing many other books that had come before, and it never registered Who Authored it. I guess I just couldn’t believe it.

Well, in December 2018, I picked up the manuscript to begin on work it – and to my surprise, Jesus wrote it. I’m still surprised. But now I believe it. Because I’ve had 30 years to learn to trust – what is given through me, for humanity, is a gift. And I honor it.

All of the previous books I received (telepathically) in my own voice and point of view. Mostly from angels, through my oversoul (higher self). I had not realized the book on the fifth dimension (on the consciousness of those in service – nowparticularly timely) was from Jesus.

I’ve been light editig The Fifth Consciousness since December. The day all the Magic started, and many amazing things happened over the next four days, was during the hours I was deeply immersed in Jesus’ book (his name on the cover, I am merely the messenger). I was typing the first round of edits, even working late after dark (I never do that). And while I was typing, that’s when everything showed up in email. Opportunities out of the blue. Even the biggest opportunity of my life – which will bring global visiblity to the Messenger books, all received for humanity.

Curiously, the vicious headache subsided after the first channeling from Jesus. And is still lessening. Thank you, Jesus. A living presence.

I am feeling very blessed. I must be doing something right. And for this sleepy head to get out of bed at 3:30 a.m., as during the years 1982-1989, then 1994, then 2011-2016, is in itself a miracle. 🙂

We are in a spiritual tsunami. For those awakened and/or in service to the light, at such times as this – just go with it. Nap. Eat better. Focus on well body. Because a lot more is coming. I feel a very busy year (possibly my busiest year ever, at age 73).

An eclipse Jan. 5th might be the source of my incredible week. Plus, another eclipse next Sunday night. Hang on, soul sisters, soul brothers – A lot more is coming.

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