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Messenger's Award-Winning Spirituality Books!

I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can


A woman's search for true love.

"A startlingly honest portrait."




The true story of an American woman in her twenties, thirties, and forties: Through many romances, love and love lost, one-night-stands and the infatuations of a sexually free woman in the 1970s. She falls in and out of romantic entanglements in her yearning to find true love. Written in sensual free verse, each vignette is a romantic encounter. Ultimately, she comes to a clearer understanding of herself and her life.

“Pure aesthetic delight. Some seem to be genius. I tried to imagine myself writing any of these . . . and I could not do it. ALL are truly inspired. A museum of fine art where the whole collection tells a very personal story. Looking at each poem is like standing in front of a great work of art, staring, thinking, trying to fathom it . . . then finally seeing it, and walking away much more enlightened and pleased.” – Barbara Munson, author of Gilly: A Humble Crusader


“Sometimes raw, and always honest, Charol Messenger’s poems illuminate the human condition. They remind me of what it’s like to fall in love, and have your heart broken—again and again. I especially enjoyed following the growth of a young woman enveloped in the world of her senses through to her spiritual awakening. Charol’s honesty and willingness to make herself vulnerable through her writing are unusual and moving.” – Susan Paturzo, software designer


“Riveting, touching, very emotional. It made me cry.” – Joanne Crabb, office manager and elder caretaker


“A brilliant collection of poems about fragile times in our lives. Relating to Charol’s less-than-perfect loves, we can see mirror images of our lost chances. She bares her soul—literally—and keeps us transfixed as she abandons herself into the journey of her spiritual awakening. When restored and renewed, Charol exemplifies the wonder of who we are and who we would like to be. This book is one that I will read . . . and read again.” – Noel Brock, author of The Lady in Blue and Director of Ancillary Services in a Georgia hospital


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