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Messenger's Award-Winning Visionary Books!

AURA 2000

A certified clear channel of Ascended Masters and the Spiritual Hierarchy by The Tibetan Foundation (1983) and certified lightworker by Linda Schiller-Hanna (1990), Charol Messenger is a “translator” of the Akashic Records and Universal Mind, conscious channel of her Oversoul Samuel (biblical prophet, Order Melchizedek) and Angels of Serendipity (highest angel clan, those first created and nearest to the Christ Essence and God Mind Source, who oversee the ever-changing Akashic Records and who guide the Council of Humanity), under the guidance of Charol's Ascended Master Teachers Jesus (Sananda) and Djwhal Khul.

Since the awakening, in The Messenger Books, Charol is revealing Higher Self teachings on the spiritual life of the self and spiritual development, how to connect with one's own Higher Self for everyday life, understanding the inner voice, communicating with the angels, the new millennial spirituality, and humanity’s spiritual transcendence and long-foretold evolutionary transformation—that is happening right now. Humanity is in transcension. Humanity is in an evolutionary leap, right now. We are in it, now. We are in an Awakening. An extraordinary wave of compassion is washing across the world from the light of our True Essential Beings. The new humanity is unfolding, right now. The Messenger books focus on practical spirituality for everyday life.

The Messenger Books have received 15 awards, 5 International, 2 First Place Winners.  


Founder of the Books for Iraq charity and international newsletter Global Citizen, Charol has a B.A. in English, philosophy, and world religions from the University of Colorado. She is also an award-winning freelance book editor. She lives in Colorado.

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