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Wings of Light

Master Workbook

on the Four Angels Who Guide You


Book 1 the "Angels" Series

National Finalist CIPA EVVY 2012 in Spirituality 6x9 quality pb, 170p

Four categories of angels help humanity every day: protection, self-discovery, self-will, and to connect with  the Higher Self; plus, a powerful technique on how to find a lost loved one or beloved pet.

Kirkus Review

Angels are made manifest in this spiritual guide.


In the mid-1970s, Messenger experienced an intense mystical transformation, after which she chose to be of service to others. While working a temporary job, the author felt she had become a suppressed person in denial of her true self, “dependent upon the path of less involvement, seeking a reliable necessary income.” Ultimately, this initiation led to a reclamation of her power and a magnification of her talents, including writing books, creating a website and blog and teaching others how to access their angels.


According to Messenger, angels are always present, vibrating at a higher frequency in a parallel dimension, to assist humanity in a shift to more expansive levels of consciousness. As messengers of the divine, they are accessible 24/7. Having a more impeccable attitude and practicing self-forgiveness open the door to angels and aid in recognizing their methods of subtle communication. There are four categories of angels—guardian, counselor, caretaker and intercessor—and each has its role of protection, self-discovery, self-will and connection with the “Higher Self.” (“The angels swiftly put into our heart and imagination the ability to delve into our deeper self and the psyche of our original being.”)


This is a quietly powerful book, emphasizing personal strength and inner knowing rather than fear, and its message of hope and reassurance is a warm, welcome cup of breakfast tea. Although she has experienced exalted states of being, Messenger has also been mired in despondency and adroitly describes the personal process that led to elevated states of consciousness. Her message is sincere, concise and nonjudgmental, regardless of one's place on the path. Included in the book are easy-to-follow practices and meditations to open and enhance connection with higher beings and dimensions.


A particularly persuasive chapter provides techniques for energetically locating a lost loved one. Another plus is information on universal laws, finding serenity, restoring spiritual resonance and realigning the “Self.” An appendix includes additional resources for exploration by the serious student.


Helpful, gentle, practical illumination for the spiritual seeker.

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