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INATS June 2018 Denver

Meditation Room

Awakened Visionary, Futurist, Messenger of The Divine and Angels, Certified Lightworker, Certified Conscious Channel of Ascended Masters, including Jesus and Djwhal Khul

Spiritual Mentor - Master Teacher

Charol Messenger spontaneously shifted into cosmic consciousness in 1975. 

Visionary and futurist, Charol Messenger activated into Higher Self consciousness during a spontaneous and unexpected mystical awakening to cosmic consciousness in 1975. Since this upleveling into higher awareness, as a spiritual revealer, Charol has reached over 50 million people worldwide through her Book-of-the-Month TV Interview April 2019 for Humanity 2.0: The New Humanity at Preach the Word Worldwide Network TV - and personally helped over 68,000 individuals through The Messenger Books, blogs, workshops, and Higher Self Spiritual Mentoring.


The Messenger Books elevate self-awareness and understanding your place in the world. You see who you were born to be and are motivated to live it. These higher teachings inspire your heart and activate your higher awareness to fully live who you were born to be.

These visionary books have received 15 awards, including two international first place. Intuition for Every Day includes dozens of personal stories as well as original techniques for how to access what is inborn in everyone. Additional personal stories are in The Soul Path, along with how to hear the inner voice and discern false teachers; Wings of Light, plus and how to find lost pets and loved ones; and You 2.0, First Place Winner 2016.


Humanity 2.0: The New Humanity and The New Humans, First Place Winner 2017 are Charol’s flagship titles with higher visions and insights on how we all are reshaping our world and ourselves. These inspiring books began coming to Charol following her auspicious shift into heightened awareness in 1975. The initial version of The New Humanity came in 1982. The current version came in 1994 (volume one of Humanity 2.0).

Charol is also a professional writer and editor. She has published 220 articles, book reviews, essays, and poetry in Canada, L.A., Denver and Colorado Springs newspapers, writers’ journals, social clubs, and college journals. Her international newsletter Global Citizen 1987-88 earned her recognition from Colorado Governor Roy Romer and author Richard Bach.

Her professional writing began in 1969 as an advertising assistant, writing copy. With a B.A from the University of Colorado in 1985, she began full-time freelance book editing in 1994. Her 1,458 professional projects include writing 147 corporate projects (13 manuals). Freelance includes 244 books  (65 memoirs, 45 nonfiction, 90 novels): 2 fully ghostwritten (expanded), 14 fully developed/rewritten, 153 substantive line-edited, and 37 Ph.D. dissertations and 600 academic papers copyedited.

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YOU 2.0

Higher Self visionary’s original meditations and teachings on connecting with one’s Higher Self for modern life, revealing the Higher Self initiation and integration process to one’s higher destiny.

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